Today's the day!

Hi Ladies,

Today I start my chemorads for 2b CC and I just wanted to introduce myself and say thank you to everyone who has documented their journey on this site. I’ve been a little stalker of you all from January when I received my abnormal smear results and you have all got me through some very long scary nights.

I’ve never been on any form of social media so the site has popped my cherry! I even sneakily PM’d one of you lovely ladies to boost my confidence before posting something. I’m hoping to do as you all have done and record my ups, downs, info, queries, etc etc in that it might help someone else.

Good luck and best wishes to everyone for whatever they are facing today.

Here i go stepping into the unknown…9am kick off, bag packed with all your helpful tips…wish me luck!!

HI I am sorry to hear about your Diagnosis of cervical Cancer but glad you found Jos Forum. Like you say I wouldnt of got through my journey in one piece wthout the ladies on here. I am also 2B and starting my last week of Chemoradiation today and start my Brachytherapy next Tuesday. I wish you all the best for today and hope it goes well. Keep in touch I will be thinking about you Big Hugs xx

Good Luck!!

Thanks Kumagill :-)

Well i got though it pretty unscathed! I'm quite a controlled person and friends and family barely recall seeing me a little tearful so a public display is a no no, but whoopsy - walked into the ward and saw the chairs and ladies sitting and the word cancer just screamed through my head and my wobble was in plain sight rolling down my cheeks. One lady was so kind and reassuring to me - by the end I almost felt welcomed into a little gang :-)

I'm trying to live as normal as possible until the side effects kick in, maintaining my normal diet, exercise and such. I've seen from other on the site that such a radical change can often cause more problems. I may have got this one completly wrong but I'll soon know. Its also very early days so I'm hoping I'll be safe with eating out etc as I'm off to a food festival after treatment tomorrow. It was a treat for my hubby for looking after me - I've bought him tickets to a macaroni cheese competetion - he gets to sample lots of variations and play a part in chosing the's so excited and behaving like tomorrow is Xmas lol!!

Your strength of character has come shining through in all your posts Kumagill, whilst sharing your own story or supporting others. I'm sure you'll do fantastic with the Brachy & finish of the Chemorads in style :-) Sending big hugs to you to and a massive HURRRAHHH!!! for getting to this point.


Well done for getting through your first day and big hugs for being brave. 

Some people don't have many side effects so hope you are one of those. 

Try to plan some nice things to look forward to, i know I had operation but it was nice to have some nice things planned so when I was struggling I would try and focus on those. 



Lol you will do brilliant continue to do the things you love and if you feel tired then rest. Its ok to feel vulnerable at times the other people on the chairs have been where you have been today and you will find they are the nicest people you will meet. Just be careful tomorrow that your food will be cooked properly they wont mind if you ask them to cook it well.

I hope you have a great day out tomorrow and your hubby wins the Macroni cheese eating competition because you will never hear the end of it if he dosent lol

Thankyou for your kind words I cant believe i am nearly finished treatment it has past so quickly I hope you will be the same. Let us know how you are getting on. xx

Hi fightnotflight, 

You sound very much like me in that you are controlled with your emotions.  I'm so pleased that you are out and about though because I shut myself away for my treatment,  I just didn't want to put on a brave face to the world so I think what you are doing,  going out, is brilliant.I also think you're right carrying on with your usual day to day life, I think I cut fibre out of my diet too soon and that caused me some problems.  I suppose you just need to deal with anything as it comes. 

At first everything is a bit whoah with regard to treatment but it soon becomes normality  how many weeks have you got? I only had 4 weeks of chemoradiation and it went pretty quick with minimal side effects.

Keep us all posted as how you are going, I think we all find it interesting and it is also useful to you and others who may be about to start their journey.  We also may be able to answer any questions for you x 

Kumagill,  you definitely are a star x you are going through the mill yourself yet you always seem cheerful and a good support for others x 4 day to go x 

HI Fightnotflight how are you feeling today have you survived the food festival?I hope you are well thinking about you xx

Hi Kumagill,

I'm good thank you :-) Survived the mac n cheese at the foody festival. We were all involved in judging the winner of the best mac n cheese alhtough given the amount my hubby put away you could have been mistaken for him trying to eat the most!! Came straight home to bed as I had radio at 9.30 - all again went well - some of the nurses had been been at the mac thing too so we got a good natter over that. 

How are you doing today?

Wanted to say thanks to Sarah T and Philleppa for their replies. Yep hopefully i am going to keep going as normal for as long as possible. I've got a 20 month old to look after & she would currently appear to be in training for the olympics...all be it more Eddie the Eagle than Kelly Holmes lol :-) 

You're so right Sarah about having things to look forward to - I've got a family wedding 3 weeks after treatment where my little olympian is flower girl. Also friends are wanting to plan some things to do but its a tad hard as you're just not sure how your body is going to behave with all this zapping etc!

Philleppa your threads have been invaluable - i've had a pen and paper at the ready when you were posying hints and tips :-) How are you doing now that your off the chemorad treadmill - does all the post treatment care just feel like another one?

Also wanted to say a massive well done to GeorgiePie for getting through her first Brachy - hope the second one goes equally as smooth. You're paving the way for scaredy cats like me and giving a serious boost to morale and confidence. Hope your little one is letting mummy get some well earned rest - I know being away from them hurts when they are so little but all of this is so you'll be fit and well for you to feel equally as sad when she goes on her first sleepover with friends and she's all grown up :-)

Hugs to all the brave ladies out there xx

So glad you found my many posts helpful. I just like to go on and on lol x 

Post treatment care - I don't have any tbh I was offered things such as make up workshops and get togethers but I said to my nurse no offence but I don't want to spend more time in the hospital than I have to! I want to forget this part of my life.

Health wise I feel great and my mind is even in quite a good place for the majority of the time. Just counting down the days till I get my mri results in may/June and know where I'm going x 

it sounds like you are doing well so far. Let's hope this continues for you!! Xx

Start treatment Monday for 2b cc but have to go for pre chemo meeting does anyone know what that's about

Hi Ducky

When I went for my pre chemo the chemi nurse weighed me and did the usual blood pressure etc. She also gave me a printout out of side effects and talked me through what to look out for....also got ahown the chemo ward.

So in other words...nothing scary.

Hope everything goes well for you....keep us up to date.


Hi Fightnotflight good to hear it went well for you yesterday sorry I thought your hubby was eating all the Macaroni cheese at a top speed lol Rest as much as you can to keep your strength up for keeping up with your little Olympian. Big hugs xx

HI Ducky I hope it all goes well for you on Monday I will be thinking about you and cheering you along. The pre assessment they take your blood do blood pressure oxygin levels height weight and tthey will show you round the chemo unit so dont worry it is all very informal. The Nurses are lovely and will answer any questions you have. If you have any Questions just ask we are all here for you big hugs xx

Thanks girls it's just the letter said it could take about two hours and I would be seeing a doctor 

Hello ladies,

I just wanted to post and say thank you for sharing everything, I have recently been diagnosed with 2b cc and awaiting specifics with regards chemo/radio therapy with brachytherapy too, I am due to meet Dr on Fri to discuss all the details, with a view to starting next week, can anyone share what the meeting with the Dr is like? I've been told it's to discuss treatment plan but someone also mentioned I may be examined and I may also be marked for radio....any experience on such appointment would be great! . Reading all your posts has been keeping me motivated and positive and I feel almost contented to know that there's such a great support network here. I am truly terrified but reading everyone's experience and in particular handy hints and tips has been great in reducing some of my fears! 

You are all amazing and I'm sending positive thoughts to everyone!! Keep up the fight and the sharing on here too as it's great!!



At my hospital I had to have an appointment with the consultant who told me my treatment and side affects etc. He did have a feel of my buts and bobs and also my back passage , (yuck). I then had to ho back for my radiation planning, another trip for a kidney function test and then a trip to the chemo ward.

My treatment was nowhere near as bad as I thought it was going to be x 


Hi lt, my appointment  discuss treatment plan basically involved consultant explaining treatment, advising of side effects etc and showing me my scans ets. because I had option of trial I had two routes if I got standard chemo radiation it would have been around 2 weeks for treatment start date as you have to have more scans done for them to target exactly where they want to target radiation these scans are reviewed and scrutinised before they do your markings which is why they said it would be around two weeks time. But if I got into trial group start day would be a week as would just go straight into induction chemo. I had external examination, bloods, height and weight taken. Then had to return to sign consent papers after 24 hours got into trial group but bank holiday delayed start date grrrr after 3-4 weeks of chemo I'll be having the scans etc ready for chemo radiation. I had to fill in quality of life form on day I completed consent forms and collect steroids ready for taking morning of first treatment and had to do a pregnancy test not that anything like that is going on lol!!!