To all the ladies about to start treatment–-treatment/finally-started-treatment

Hi ladies. 

When I was going through my treatment, I posted daily about what I was going through both physically and emotionally. I was so scared about what was going to happen, you hear so many horrendous stories. As it happens, I didn't find it anywhere near as hard as I thought it was going to bend and I'm here, 15 months or so later and apart from some very minor niggles, I am the same as I've ever been. 

I've put the link to my posts above in case anyone wants to have a read - it may take some of the fear away from you x 

I posted through my brachytherapy treatment too - I'll share the link in the next comment.–-treatment/brachytherapy-day

I think you'll have to copy and paste in your browser to read them x 

Thank you for the links.... These will help me so much... I'm waiting for my planning meeting which should be this week then should start radiotherapy chemotherapy and brachytherpy on 19th June... So nervous and scared about it all... Xxx 

Hello philepa, reading your daily journal while you having treatment for CC. Very vey helpful. Thank you so much for posting every bit of the treatment. I am goind through same problem - diagnosed stage 2b cc on 04/2017... so far had 3 chemo and 10 radiation. doing fine but bit nauseaous and tiredness on few days...... 2 more chemo and 15 more radiation to go and then brachytherapy per doctor. 

it seemes you had completed the whole treatment. How have been feeling? Hoping all going good. 

Please don't be scared. It's not what you think it's going to be x

Hi. I finished in Feb 2016. Your body soon returns to nearly normal x 

Hi,  ahhh that's brilliant thank you so much for posting the links! I'm waiting to strat treatment too and absolutley papping my pants! Yell I will definately be having a read! hope your doing ok? 

wow, so many amazing ladies on here! :) 

hellp Philleepa, thank you for your reply.

Just wondering I hope its normal to have bleeding episodes during treatment. My concern was how much is normal or its too much?

is there any other ladies who are going thru same treatment had bleeding problem?

thank you.