Starting chemorad today....scared!

Hi all,

I'm starting my first lot of chemorad today, and i feel so unprepared. I've been in and out of hospital constantly for the last 2 months & totally do not feel ready at all. 

Complete mixture of emotions as I'm so glad today is here so I can't start to get on with treatment but I'm absolutely bricking it. Any advice welcome :) 

Thanks in advance to anyone who reads. 

Hi Bumblebee:

Just wanted to wish you good luck today. 

From what I've read on this forum, everyone is scared as crap before they start treatment, but find that it's not anywhere near as bad as they imagined. All the nurses and support staff are super kind and do everything they can to make you comfortable, plus the other ladies having treatment are good company. 

I'm sorry you have to go through this, but very, very soon all this will be in the rear view mirror and you can back to living your life.

Keep us posted.

Take care, love t xx

Everyone  in radiotherapy and  chemo lovely n helpful  try n rest  when you can take  plenty of snacks  to chemo  n a good book there  always people  in there  happy  to talk n give  advice  i was  the  same  as  you i was so s scared any questions plz ask xx good luck  xxx

You will be fine.

It won't be long. And you will be half way through.

I am going through mine right now.

Think positive be strong.

The nurse when you have treatment are brilliant. 

The ladies on here are fab.

Let us know how you get on.

Love and hugs xx

Hi bumblebee..

I started my chemo and radiotherapy yesterday as well.. Felt exactly like you..  Glad the treatment is under way.. I had my chemo yesterday with radiotherapy.. Then next 4 day radiotherapy.. Felt rough after chemo but the steroids and anti sickness tablets worked.. 

How are you feeling today.. 


Hi everyone, 

Thanks for the comments! not had any internet access this week really. 

So monday went ok, the day was completely disjointed and didn't get started until 6pm so sat on drip until midnight, but after having a complete meltdown before they hooked me up (i'd convinced myself i was going to have a massive allergic reaction and things were not going to go well) it wasn't so bad. 

1 week down... 1 chemo and 5 fractions of radio...started getting lots of pain this weekend at home so hoping it dissappears soon. 

Has anyone had any bother with their temperature after radio? my temp and everything has been fine all week then i've come home this weekend and feel like ive got a constant tension headache or sinus pressure but the nurses don't seem to worried. maybe it's just me getting myself all worked up about stuff.

hope you guys are doing ok, sending lots of love! 

Hi. I'm not surprised you are all worked up - this is probably am awful time for you. I'm hoping that now you've been through a week of treatment you have seen it's not as bad as you thought it was going to be. 

I was always pretty hot after chemo and I think you're meant to take your temperature through your treatment and let them know if it goes over a certain temperature. 

Let the Dr's know if you have any issues though x