to early for results??

Hi all :)

It's been exactly a week since I had LLETZ and was wondering if I should call to see if results are back yet?!! 

What do you ladies think, too eager??? 

:) xxx 

Hi Leanda,


I had my Lletz a week gone Tuesday and still no news yet, the waiting is awful



I am just going to wait a few more days and hope no news is good news x

Haha its agony jilly lol....iv just called the secretary who was really lovely...but.nothing back yet...although she did give a huge pause and then asked if I'd spoken to the consultant?!! Did wonder why this was but not.gonna worry myself about it, what will be will be lol...she did say she was gonna get her to call on Tuesday when she's back...roll on Tuesday! :) xxx

Hi ladies, I had my LLetz last Thursday!! I rang the hospital today.... The secretary was lovely.... I told her I had a missed call so was worried n she was really kind n reassuring. She was able to tell me the results are not back yet.... So advised me to ring next week. i apologised for ringing n she said "dont worry, we get lots of calls".... 


So so basically im thinking ring whenever you like!!! It's a worrying time.... N they understand that!! But my minds been put at rest n I'm now gonna enjoy my weekend cos there's no letter coming yet.... X

Hi I had LLETZ for CIN3 on 23rd Jan but was told I had to wait 4-6 weeks for the results xx