still waiting grrrrrrrr

Hiya ladies, I had a lletz done on the 30th October due to severe dyskaryosis smear result and I am still waiting for the results.  I have received a report of what was done but thats it. Anyone else in the same boat?

My results took just over 5 weeks to arrive, didn't get a separate letter about what was done though.

The waiting is truly awful, it's a big theme on Jo's! However, it probably means that your case is not an urgent one, so try not to worry. That said, a phone call doesn't hurt! I also got some results from my GP, as they'd gone into the system before I'd been informed, so might be worth contacting them. My consultants secretary was also brilliant.

hugs, Molly xx

I rung this morning and they said my results are in but she can't disclose over the phone :(

Hi Kerry

I don't know if this helpa but I had my Lletz treatment Tuesday and my dr said I can pop into the hospital before his clinic next Wednesday for my results as he could see how anxious I was about the whole treatment & waiting time. Maybe it's worth giving them a ring and seeing if this is an option for you ? I'm sure your results will fine otherwise you would of heard by now xx