ringing for results LLETZ..

Hello everyone,


Its been 16 days since my LLETZ for CIN2, i got my letter for my 6 month check up 2 days after my LLETZ.

Anyway im a little curious but know its a good sign (hopefully) not getting results straight away - the only experinces i have to go by is getting my smear and punch biospys results faster than this. And reading posts on here that the longer the results the better it can be although i get this isnt always the case.

I am going to ring the colposcopy tomorrow (if i dont get them tomorrow in the post) as im actually going away for a 2 weeks on monday and come back on my 25th birthday and i kinda dont want to come back to any results then, just in case...

Has anyone else rang for results? i know they wont be able to maybe tell me the exact results over the phone but can they give you any info, especailly as im going away and dont really want it on my mind or my mums?


Thank you xxx

Hi there

After my first LLETZ, I was told I'd get the results within 2 weeks (it can be longer depending on which NHS area you come under).  I didn't get anything in the post so ended up calling the clinic - I don't think they're meant to give result over the phone but luckily I managed to speak to a very sympathetic nurse who did give me the results. I'm glad I did as I didn't end up getting the letter until another week later. However when I called the clinic to get the results of my second LLETZ, they wouldn't give them to me over the phone so I had to wait for the letter. If it's worrying you then you've nothing to lose by calling them especially if you explain you're going away - good luck xx

Hi Chaseyourdreams

I rang exactly 2 weeks after my LLETZ as I was going insane. I asked to speak with my consultants secretary and she read me my letter over the phone. She was really kind and not cross about me ringing up at all. The letter took an entire week later to arrive, that call really saved my sanity!

Good luck with your results



i rang every week for 3 weeks for mine!! It was aweful waiting for the letter (which still hasn't arrived)... There was a delay cos there was a back log at the lab.... Then they wanted to discuss at a multidisciplinary meeting.....The secretary was lovely tho n a nurse rang me back n gave me the results! I would ring n explain your situation.... They may be able to put your mind at rest..... But if not they'll just send your letter as planned!! x x x