Tilted womb :/

Hi all,

I had my LLETZ done on the 15th May under GA and was kept in overnight for observation. My main reason for writing this is due to what they call a severely retroverted uterus, i was wondering if anybody else suffered with this.

I was aware of having a titled womb before but they told me it was only slight. However, when i had the LLETZ done they had to remove the coil and i had asked them if i could have another one put in straight away....they agreed to do this for me....however when the consultant saw me the day i was discharged, he informed me that they had tried twice to put the coil back in but it wouldn't go in and terefore i would have to go back to the colposcopy cling and have a hysteroscopy to help them see the position of my womb...

If anybody has dealt with this or has any advice i would be grateful


Vicky x


Hi iI'm no doctor but I have anatomical knowledge and this type of uterus I believe is mostly genetic. It's best to ask plenty of questions so you don't worry about it but I know once your there it can be daunting x 

Hi CC, thanks for replying...if it is genetic does that mean it is just one of those things?? i'm just thinking that the last time I had the coil fitted the registrar couldn't put it in after 2 attempts and then the consultant had to (but she was really rough) but nobdoy mentioned this was because of my womb, i thought it was quite normal.

I don't want to go through that pain again, as i couldn't stand and was in tears with the pain. Also, i wasn't shown how to find the strings of the coil which is leading me to believe that my cervix might be further back :/ this is all rather daunting for me as I am only 22 x