Lletz with IUD

So after weeks of stalking the colposcopy clinic and eventually getting my GP to have a go at them on my behalf due to their inability to tell me what they had decided to do about my mismatched results, I am FINALLY booked in for a lletz next week (never imagined I’d be pleased to say that!)…

I have an IUD (which I’m very fond of) and am now wondering whether it’s normal practice for this to be removed for the lletz - does anyone have any experience of this?

As my cervix has looked fine at two colposcopies but two smears have shown high grade changes, I’m planning to encourage them to loop off as much as they can and go as high up as poss, which I’m guessing increases the likelihood of cutting the IUD strings so removal would prob make sense.

Any ideas lovely ladies?xx

Hi marple213, 

I hope you are ok,

I also have the IUD and actually had lletz treatment yesterday morning to remove severe dyskaryosis. I didn't ask any questions during the procedure as I didn't want to know but the nurse informed me I was having the cells removed in 2 parts to avoid cutting my coil strings. So I assume they try to avoid removing it if possible.

I hope everything goes well next week x

Hey! Glad to hear you are finally getting treated and all goes well.  When had first Colposcopy and they originally were going to treat there and then they did warn they may have ti remove my coil...as it was I was treated later under GA - they did remove it but put another in while I was under. I was given a choice pre op as slightly higher risk of infection to have refit but I didn't want the hassle of having it re done at the gp's.

Hope this helps tho know you're situation is different x

Thanks for taking the time to reply ladies, and hi again Jane! I'm soooo relieved they're finally doing something - fingers crossed for some actual answers this time!

Thanks for both your replies, I guess ultimately I'm going to let them get on and do whatever they want (not like I'll need the IUD for a few weeks afterwards anyway, boooo) but it's good to hear they might try to chop round it so maybe I'll get lucky and keep it.


Just thought I'd update the thread quickly in case it helps anyone has the same question in future - she didn't have to remove my IUD (yay!), she just poked the strings inside my cervix, did the lletz and then fished the strings back out again.

At least that's one less thing to worry about :) xx 

That's handy! Hope all went well hun and you get reassuring results x