Has anyone had lletz and it failed

it has happened to several ladies, I'm sure they'll be along soon.

Molly xx

Ty hunni xx

Hi Lesley,

Just to clarify .. is this thread following your previous posts about the hospital not doing the LLETZ rather than abnormal cells returning after LLETZ?

they did lletz while i was awake then 6 months i had a repeat smear that came bk abnormal there didnt get an adquate sample wen he did the lletz again he said he they did lletz again but he could see the cells but not reach them while i was awake so i had it done under ga wen i woke up they said my cervix wasnt visable and they was going to have a mdt meeting i phoned up on the friday and they said that ill have to have a hysterectomy but i dont want one im only 34

Hi Lesley,

If I were you I'd definitely get a second opinion... I can't imagine why they couldn't see your cervix when they could first time.

My cervix likes to hide hun... I like to think of it as shy. I have a tilted uterus and my cervix was hard to locate from smear to lletz. They couldn't get to my cervix under local for lletz so they decided to do it under ga where they could clamp it in place. They found it for your smear so why can't they find it under ga... I would defo ask for second opinion hun xxx

Ive just spoke to  hospital again and they said that ive got a short cervix that why there saying that 

Still a hysterectomy sounds a bit drastic. .. have you got confirmed cc or cin3? Sending you big hug xxx

They havent been able to get a biopsy yet xx

Hi Lesley, I really would get a second opinion like the other girls have said. That all seems a bit drastic - I'm sure there's a lot of other women have short cervix(s?) - hmmm plural I think it's still just cervix *reminds self to Google this* - and they have a solution other than a hysterecotmy.

I hope you're ok and wish you well :) x

Im still waiting for a letter to go in for a meeting