I'm new to Jo's. 

I had a smear early this year after ignoring the reminder letters for two years. I was sent colposcopy as I had changes to my cells. Nothing could be seen in colposcopy so they took my results to discuss at their monthly meeting and decided I would have to have a LLETZ treatment as they had found HGCIN which were not visible on the surface of the cervix. The cells were further up the canal. I have since then had two LLETZ treatments and I have just been called in for my third, this time it will be under general anaesthetic. Has anyone had a similar experience? I'm concerned about what will happen during the third LLETZ and what will happen afterwards...whether I'll need a fourth?! 

I am am yet to start a family, and before all this, my husband and I had started to try for a baby. I'm also a little worried about the early labour risks...will this risk be higher the more they take?! 

Any advice will be gratefully received! 

Thank you!!

hi suki,

didnt want to read and run, feel for you. i haven't had the same experience but due in for another colposcopy soon. had one Lletz already and not sure what will be done this time. i am not 100% and dont want to scare you but it is my understanding that the more procedures you have to remove cells the greater the risk of failed pregnancy (miscarrying) im sure there is things they can do for you in these circumstances and every patient is different (probably depends where cells have been removed from) but i would get some proper advice from a nurse, gp or someone from the clinic.

sorry dont want to scare you and i hope this has helped a little.