Second LLetz treatment??

Hi all,


I am wondering if anyone can give me some advice or information as having scanned the internet for information i have not really found anything?


At 26, i had my first smear and have recently had the LLEtz treatment for CIN3 under general anaesthetic, when i was called in to speak to my doctor he explained that they had removed some of the CIN3 area and had also found cancerous cells in they biopsy but are wanting to perform a second LLetz treatment to ensure they havent missed anything? I am slightly worried as to why I am having to discuss the treatment again but they have not really explained the after effects of a second treatment? I have heard that it can cause problems during pregnancy, if anyone has any advice or information theu could give me I would really like to feel a little 'more in the know' and prepared.


many thanks in advance.


K x




I am also due to have a second lletz and I am curious to find out the same answers so hope someone can help xx

Hi ladies, I might not have the answers you are looking for. But also been advised I will need another LLETZ following my previous one in april, the reason they gave me is that my CIN3 is too near the borders that theyremoved and so they don't have 'clear margins' to be sure it's all removed. That's what I took from what theu told me on my last appointment however I was quite shocked after the diagnosis i recieved so not totally clear. I have an appointment with my consultant on thurs so I will be asking more about it myself then. :)

Yes when I spoke to them after my treatment thy exained that I had cancerous cells in the section thy cut out but it was close to he border so I have to have another one to check that they didn't miss any. I just feel in limbo, I'm sure to be happy that it's not officially bad news or be terrified that they have to try and remove more?? I have my appointment on Wednesday so I can let you know I you would like?


kelle x

Ah your appointment is first,  yeah definately let us know.  My treatment depends on what they found on MRI but they seemed to think second LLETZ would clear it. So many questions I have for them! Mica x