Terrified for another colposcopy


I posted a longer post but its disappeared..

I had my first smear last year which showed changes so i had a colposcopy with biopsies. I wasnt too nervous about the procedure beforehand but for whatever reason i found the whole experience really traumatic and spent the rest of the day crying and doubled over in pain! 

I think it was all completely psychological, but i now have a 6 month follow up in a few weeks where they will likely want to take biopsies again as i had cin2 last time i went. I think if they attempt to take another biopsy im going to hit the roof im so nervous. I know its important to get it done but i dont think i will remain relaxed enough for them to do it!


What can i do? I plan to take someone this time but i dont think i want them to come in with me so I'll still probably be in the same position. Sorry to say that the staff at my last appointment didn't have the best bed side manner. In anyones experience do you think my gp would prescribe anything to relax me? 



Hey lovely 

Since the LLETZ treatment I have had 3 biopsy’s , was yours inyour local hospital ? 

All the nurses and doctors I can’t praise enough they were So supportive, if you explain before you are nervous they often offer to hold your hand . Hopefully you will get a better experience this time . 

please go though it’s so important it’s honestly ok :) and you will be in and out :)

Hey thankyou for replying :)

Ive hear nothing but positive experiences about nurses during colposcopies but honestly the ones at my last didnt even ask if i was okay. Didnt explain what they were doing. The nurse was showing the student what she was doing and no one even spoke to me during to distract me. And the whole thing left me completely overwhelmed. 

I can handle pain but something about this procedure i found really difficult. I even feel emotional thinking about it its so strange. 

I am definitely going no matter what, but i dont see how im going to remain relaxed enough to allow them to take any biopsies. Do you think i could call for advice beforehand, or speak to my gp? 

In feeling more and more anxious as it approaches and ive never felt like this for any procedure! (Im usually quite brave haha)

If anyone has any suggestions please let me know! I do agree though kellyjane about telling them beforehand but from my last experience im really worried that they wont be able to put me at ease!


I asked for gas and air and got it oh my that really helped me.  I too have got to go through the same procedure again in may it may also help if you are allowed to insert the speculum yourself I was also told that the lady in before me was having it done under ga.  I am still none the wiser with my results - hpv with glandular changes but as I said back in May dreading it

Thanks for replying Jan246. Just had the colposcopy and i found it so so difficult. They took two biopsies and took a lot to tlak me into agreeing to have them but didnt really feel i had a choice. The nurse was lovely this time but unfortunately i feel the same, drove home in tears and still feel so emotional.

I think i find the whole thing so overwhelming and i dont think its completely in my head, it is painful!

waiting on the results, she said i may well need lletz treatment but will take that as it comes, at least its done now. I think if i do im seriously going to my gp for diazepam or something because i find it that traumatic