Colposcopy anxiety

Hi all 

I've had lots of colposcopies over the last 10 years but I always find them really traumatic, for no particular reason.  I'm not sure why but instead of getting more used to it, I am getting worse.  THey even had to do a biopsy with a general anaesthetic a couple of years ago because I couldn't manage it awake.  I'm fine until I lie down and then I just get incredibly tense, start crying, the muscles contract and the Dr or nurse really struggle to be able to perform the procedure. I'm now even struggilng with smear tests.  Does anyone have any tips to relax during the procedures?  I read somewhere about listening to music and taking pain killers before hand, so if anyone has any top tips, please send them my way! 


Hello I dont really have much advice except to say would it help to have someone with you that you trust to take your mind off it a bit also is the docs worth a visit for some sort of sedative?  Not to make you sleep but just to relax you, it may also mean you need someone to come in with you.   I really sympathise with you as I feel exactly the same.  I had lletz treatment at the end of July and still feel really bad about it, I think its the whole thing being on view to everyone and completely out of control in that dreadful  position.  I know its all about the greater good but I am really dreading my next smear test and whilst its never something I looked forward to i dread it more since the lletz.  Sorry I cant be much help I just wanted to say I feel the same and I think lots of us do so you are certainly not alone.  I really hope you can sort something out.  Take care and I hope it goes ok. xxxx