Really scared :(

I got my results yesterday, I have CIN 2 and have an appointment on June 1st to have them ‘treated’ now I know usually they use the loop thing to burn it off but wanted someone that’s had it done before to explain what they do please?

I’m really freaking out about having another colposcopy, last time I had to be held down while I was sobbing and trying to get off the bed. I know it sounds stupid to do that but I have mental health problems and I’m funny with people touching my arm let alone looking ‘up there’ lol I felt like an idiot afterwards but I couldn’t help it lol

Does the ‘treatment’ hurt? When I had the biopsys they hurt lol and once I’ve had the treatment will that be it until my next smear?
Sorry for all the questions just scared of having people around ‘there’ lol


Hi there 

I have had a Lletz before and it really wasn't anywhere near as bad as I expected. 

They do the procedure in the same room and position as when you had the colposcopy.

They give you an injection to numb the cervix and then they use the loop to remove the cells.  The whole process took minutes for me and was painless.  I was really, really surprised.  When they give you the injection, you do feel a bit shaky and your heart races, which is a bit weird but it stops pretty quickly..  After you are dressed they then give you a cup of tea and a biscuit. 

Honestly, it is one of those thngs that seems terrifying but actiually isn't anywhwere near as bad as we build it up to be in our minds.  That was my honest exerience anyway.

If you are anxious there are a few things you can consider.  

You can speak with your GP and see if they can give you something to relax you and take the edge off.  I've heard of plenty of ladies doing this.

You can explain how anxious you are to the colposcopy team and ask them to take it easy and explain everything as they go.

If your anxiety is really bad they sometimes offer to do the procedure under general anaesthetic.  Personnally I think this makes the whole process MUCH longer and more involved (you have to be admitted and do pre-op etc.) and you feel crap from having an aneasthetic.  That's just me though.

I'd rather have it done awake then put to sleep lol Im scared ill never wake up :/ but thank you for explaining it to me. I suffer from anxiety and bpd si my imagination runs wild and from past experiences I freak out about people near my lady bit's. Lol. The first colposcopy I had they just did stuff without telling me ànd it scared me so this time I'm defiantly going to ask them to explain what they're doing. 

Does the injection  hurt? I'm fine with needles and blood tests and stuff so hopefully I'll be okay with that. Did you have any follow up colposcopy appointments after your treatment if you don't mind me asking?  My mum is coming with me so hopefully she'll help calm me down. 

Thank you for replying :) 



The injection stings briefly and is uncomfortable and then it goes numb really quickly.  Ive never had a biopsy as they decided to 'see and treat' me straight away, but from what i've heard people saying the biopsies are more painful than a Lletz injection. 

Aftet they do the Lletz they send off what has been removed to the lab.  The lab checks that it was indeed CIN 2 (very unlikelky to change considering you have had a biopsy) and they also check that they have 'clear margins'. So they are basically double checking that they have got it all in the Lletz.  

They will then do a repeat colposcopy in 6 months time to triple chack that you are all cured.

Good luck with it all.  As long as you let them know how anxious you are I am sure they will do everything they can to keep you calm.  

Ok thank you for explaining. I feel better now I know what they'll be doing! Lol the letters are so vague. I feel silly worrying about this when there are ladies going through much worse on here :/ if the biopsys are more painful then hopefully the llets won't be so bad! Lol