LLETZ in Dec- eek!

Hi all,

I have my first LLETZ treatment for CIN 2 booked on 19th December. I was fine at first but the closer it gets the more of a nervous wreck I become. Also worried that it is going to make me feel really grotty over Christmas. Any calming or reassuring experiences would be hugely appreciated.

I was a bit of a lemon at my colposcopy and passed out (then again on the tube on the way home - embarrassing!) so I'm keen into have some sort of sedation or tranquilliser to keep me calm. Has anyone out there asked for that for local anaesthetic procedures? Apparently it's standard in the US  to no idea if it's an option here!

Thanks ladies,



hii hunni big hugs to you

i also have my 1st llets on the 17th ov dec for cin 3

i am so nervs i keep think bad things and haveing relly bad night mears :(

i also passed out at colp glad i had my mum with me


hi newby88. when the lady called with my colposcopy result and booked me in for removal. she said it was upto me local or general. just give them a ring an make sure they know what you want so they cant turn you down on the day. good luck x

hi i had a colposcopy to day i was given something to calm me down from the doctor, got to have same treetment as you dont know when yet but im haven general anaesthetic for mine , as im scared stiff no way could i be awake for that 

You'll be fine. I felt rough for 1 day, that's all, just cramps after the local wore off. :)

the most inconvenient part is if you're not used to using sanitary towels, I hadn't since I was 15!