Lletz very worried, need advice

hi all, 

so im 25 years old, went for my first smear in December, got abnormal results and had a colposcopy, had two biopsies and confirmed cin2. Now have to have lletz treatment, however I'm terrified. The colposcopy was a very scary experience for me, I cried throughout and was definitely very difficult for the doctor to cope with because of my anxiety towards the procedure. I realise i was overreacting because in the end it wasn't too bad, however I have a huge phobia of needles and understand that the lletz treatment needs a local anesthetic. I also could have this under General but that means going in twice and waiting for appointments for longer (and the whole idea of being asleep is scary alone). Can anybody give me detailed information of what actually happens at the lletz treatment? I would really appreciate having all the information from somebody who has been through this. I can't sleep because of this worry and I keep getting tearful. just want to get the whole thing over with but dont know how im going to cope through the procedure because of my phobia. Any advice would be really appreciated. 

I had colposcopy and lletz carried out at same time last week. It will be nowhere near as bad as you think. You cannot see the needle nor feel the injection. The machine used makes a beeping sound but you will be advised when to expect to hear it. It also smells a bit. It is not in anyway painful And does not take long. Maybe you could take some headphones with you to listen to music during the procedure to help you zone out. I also took a couple of ibuprofen before I went to help with any post op discomfort. I haven't had to take any since. I've now got a slight discharge which is to be expected but no pain. The only frustrating thing for me is not being able to use tampons for next 3 weeks. Honestly, it's not that bad. Hope thus helps xx

I guess it depends on how you handle both pain and the thought of what they are doing.  I did not cope well and if I have to have it again I am asking for a general - I was not even given the option last time or offerend anything to make me a little less wound up.  I spent the whole time crying and feeling like vomiting from the noises and the smell of burning, my sister came with me and nearly fainted.  

The local almost had me crawling backwards off the bed so while some people may have not had a bad experience i obviously have too much feeling down there... just wanted to give you my perspective because I can think of nothing worse then expecting it to be not so bad then going through what I did :(

Also if you are worrying now the emotional stress will take a toll on you too.  If it was me doing it again (which it looks like it will be) i'm begging for a general or something to space me out and relax me so i don't freak out.

Hi Emma. For me, it was totally fine. Absolutely no pain, and over so fast that I was like 'oh...is that it done??' The nurse looking after me was so lovely and kept my mind off it with chatter. So make sure they know how nervous you are. Sure, everyone is different, but from the vast majority of experiences I've read on  here, lletz is painless and quick. Hope this helps xx

Hi Emma, I am having mine done under General as the area they are removing is a large area, plus I was uncomfortable during my biopsies. If they have offered you a General there must be a reason so I woudl personally take it.

They told me the large area that needs taking away would be too traumatic under a local. When they told me this I was relieved I would be fast asleep without a care in the world.

Grab the GA with both hands.



I have had lletz done twice (in 2013 and last month). Both time I did not feel feel a thing, not even the needles as he put local anaesthetic on first. It was over in 5minutes. The first time was a shock as I was going in for colposcopy only and he said it didn't look good so was going to do lletz there and then. It was fine. I was shaking a bit after the first time (from the shock and was scared I had cancer), 2nd time I jumped up (took about 5minutes) and was totally fine :). Many people clearly do not realize GA carries risks and is a massive strain on your body. Just relax, do not stress (there really is no need) and you will be fine. :)


I have my lletz on Monday. But i had what I call a 'mini lletz'  for my biopsy. It's not that bad, it was so quick. The only bit I felt was the needle which  was like a pinch, I must admit it made me jump as I was expecting no pain  at all (read the cervix cannot feel pain?!) but it was over in a split second. Then he had taken the biopsy before I even realised he'd started! The machine is quite noisy which can be alarming but just close your eyes and think of a happy place lol and you won't even realise they're doing anything. If you can survive a biopsy then a tiny needle will be nothing! I'm worried about having to have a punch biopsy in the future as they look a lot more painful! 



I had colposcopy and biopsy then colposcopy and Lletz. I was expecting the local anaesthetic to sting he told me he was going to do the injection....i waited....and waited then they started the machine. I hadnt felt a thing.

If im honest second time round was better as i knew what to expect. I found the biopsy more painful than Lletz.  If how long it takes is it worth GA? Youll feel crap after that. I took my partner in they had a TV on but i just lay with my eyes shut concentrating on my breathig before you know it its done!


Good luck whatever you choose :)

Thanks everybody for sharing all your experiences. I have decided to go for local anasthetic next Thursday. This is because Im scared in itself of General and if I can do it quicker then that's great, plus they told me it's only a small area so can hopefully be quick. The doctor has said we can try local and if I can't cope on the day or she doesn't feel safe then we will have to do it under General. So now I just need to get myself into a frame of mind that I can do it, and put my phobia of needles to the back of my mind to get through this. Any tips will be great, I will be taking headphones to listen to music to try and zone out. Thanks again for all your help