LLETZ Help Please!

Hi everyone,

Quite new to this as I have only just recently had my first ever smear in September and now I am currently awaiting LLETZ treatment in 5 days time! 

I would really appreciate any information on LLETZ and what to really expect. 

I am having it done local, I got myself so worked up at my Colposcopy I am absolutely dreading thus!



Sorry your having to go through this it can be quite a scary time all I can say really is it's honestly not as bad as you think it's going to be, I've had 2 lletz now following my first smear and I was terrified but it was over and done with within 10 minutes and you don't feel a thing once you've had the anaesthetic the colposcopy is actually worse because you don't have the local. They will apply the dye as they did during the colposcopy then they put a sticky pad on your leg because of the electric from the machine, they switch the machine on and you may feel a bit of pulling inside as they remove the cells but no pain then they use a sort of crayon (that's the only way I can explain it) to stop any bleeding then thats more or less it, the nurse will make you a nice cup of tea after! xx 

Hi Kate,


I had a lletz about four weeks ago and it wasn't to bad. I was only booked for colposcopy and they wanted to do it there and then. Its over really quick and you don't feel anything. Mine was exactly the same as Vicky explained as above. Afterwards I had some period like cramps and the bleeding that's expected but it was fine. The worst part was not being able to have a big bubble bath for 4 weeks! 

Its not as bad as it might sound


Hi Kate,

I think everyone's experience is different but my LLETZ absolutely fine. I'd psyched myself up for something awful but it really was OK and very similar to the colposcopy. Although it's easier said than done it really helps if you can keep relaxed. Just look after yourself after the procedure as it can leave you feeling washed out. 

Hope it all goes well :)


Hi Vicky, Hannah and Ally!

You ladies have helped me put to bed so many fears!

Im  in for it tomorrow at 12pm (fingers crossed)!!

I hope everything goes well for you all.

You have all helped me so much, I really appreciate it!


Kate x