Terrified and this has been going 3 years

Hi Everybody

I’ve posted on here before and have rung the helpline too as it has been so supportive. Back last January I had a borderline smear with no HPV. Therefore due to the no HPV I was put back into the 3 year rolling system. However I’ve had an ongoing stack of symptoms including bleeding after sex, discharge and pain in my left hip. On examination several doctors said they could see and ectropian and just sent me away. I eventually managed to get a doctor to refer me to the gynaecologist in August and The gynae said the ectropian was very small and he didn’t want to do anything with it as he didn’t want to cause damage to my cervix. I was told it would go away and that’s problem was mostly anxiety. Needless to say I went away and tried to ignore the symptoms but it started effecting me and my husbands sex life so I went back for a voluntary follow up appointment on Monday. At this one he was accompanied by another female doctor and they decided to take another smear. I bled on contact again but he said he couldn’t see an ectropian there really so he has now referred me for a colposcopy. I’m now beside myself with anxiety over the smear results and the upcoming colposcopy. To top everything off I also had a very weird occurrence where I’ve had a bit of blood on wiping but I was definitely from my bottom. I’m so so so scared and my poor husband just doesn’t know what to say to me anymore. This waiting is agonising. Just want some support.xxx

Hi Sazzy,

I haven't really got any advice as such, i didn't want to read and run as i know what your going through and know how frustrating it is trying to get answers.

I've had problems for 9 months now (not as long as you bless you) went to the gp and he saw a growth on my cervix now waiting for a colposcopy next week. Can totally understand your worry and stress though its all i seem to think about just a lately i bet you are the same. 

Hope you get some answers soon, please let us know how you get on. Xx

Thank you for responding Rubyes. It’s nice to know you’re not alone. I’m so sorry you’re going through so much worry too. I just want to get on with my life and have it sorted but doctors and consultants seem so reluctant to further things unless you have severe symptoms. It’s just keeping busy with the waiting for appointments and results I guess and I keep thinking I’d rather it was sorted and it can’t be left so just have to get on. Easier said than done though. Do keep messaging if you want to chat.xx

Hi Sazzy, similar symptoms to you. Although I've had normal smear result, I've been having spotting, bleeding after sex and discharge. Had swabs all clear. As my smear isn't due it couldnt be done. Had an exam the nurse told me everything looks fine but you have an ectropion, ask Gp for gynae referral. Actually managed to see GP the next day as so anxious over this. She disagreed over ectropion but said cervix is inflamed. Still discharge... She decided to give a course of antibiotics and referred for colposcopy. I'm so worried so understand how you're feeling. Can't stop worrying until this is done, yet I'm imagining everything. When will you find out your appt date? xx

Yes i know what you mean, i feel stupid for not going to the doctors sooner but i kept thinking they would just fob me off.

As daft as it sounds i like coming on here and being able to talk about it as I'm not having much support people just keep saying "oh you will be fine" which i maybe yes but right now i just need support not opinions  

The gp has messed my referral up so had to put an "very urgent" referral through as he can't rule out CC. i just want it all over now i feel like im stuck in limbo. Keep me updated or message if you ever need a chat. Xx

Hi rubyes, just wanted to reply. Not going through the same but wanted to wish you well for your for appt this week. When is it? xx

Hi Toothfairy. I'm so sorry you are going through the same worry and having to wait around for results and appointments. I'm not sure when I'll get my appointment. He sent off the appoinment for the colposcopy on Monday and said that it doesn't take any where as long to get one as it does with him (consultant gynae). Both him and the doctor there said 'we aren't worried' and 'I don't think it's cervical cancer' but you are left to worry and come up with your own explanations for the symptoms if they can't offer you any. 

Rubyes, I feel exactly the same about coming on here and having people to talk to who don't just say 'you're going to be fine' and look at you like you are loosing the plot. I know there is a chance that anxiety perpeptuates my symptoms but with things like bleeding after sex it's hard to ignore or put down to anxiety. 

Huge love and support to you both.xx

Hi toothfairy, i went back to the doctors thursday and found out he had messed my referral up so had to put an urgent one in so waiting for it to come now, he says it should be here monday i so hope it is. I'm hoping to find out more at the colposcopy and hopefully find out what this growth is, but more than likely will take a biopsy so will be more waiting, its so true what most women on here say its waiting that gets to you the most its so hard to put it to the back of your mind. Hope your okay xx


I am kind of in the same place. i have been having issues with bleeding inbetween periods and extra long periods and after sex (the few times over the last few months ive had some due to all the bleeding)

Went for a smear last week the smear taker has refered me for a colposcopy due to a red patch she seen on my cervix and also there was old blood on my cervix and i started bleeding when she went to start to take the sample.

I have been told by the colposcopy clinic to call on Thursday of this week to get a date for the test.

Im soooooooooooooo nervous. The GP gave me tablets to stop the bleeding and for the pain im in. But my body is telling me something isnt right. back pain, hip pain, pelvic pain, leg pain, tummy pain. Tired all the time. toliet issues.... list goes on.........


Like you Sassy my GP said 'oh dont worry....' the scarring on your cervix could be from giving birth ect..... ect.....


I am so worried.

Hope we all get good news and quickly..........