Polyp and Cervical Ectropion, making myself ill Googling

Had my smear, never miss them and this one the nurse said she can see a large polyp or what looks like one and cervical ectropian, I've never had any problems with cervix and now waiting for hospital appt, I'm so anxious and dreading it, can't get it out of my mind and not eating properly 

Hello. Sorry to read that you're so anxious. If it's any help or comfort, I am in the same position. I went to the GP for a smear as I'd had an extended period last month and the nurse and then the GP noted that I had what they thought was a polyp or and area of erosion. Cervix looked healthy otherwise, they said. I'm awaiting a referral but I called the relevant dept this morning and they've no knowledge of me. Have chased the GP up on their advice. It's hugely worrying, I agree, and I'm torturing myself with "what if's". This though, is a great site and we can get advice and support one another along the way.

I wish I couldhelp, but I'm in exactly same position. My smear 2.5 weeks ago, nurse said she saw a growth poking through my cervix ( I never miss my smears either). She said it could be a polyp. I know I had an ecroptian from last time, and everytime i have a smear now, I bleed. I had a post coital bleed too, 4 weeks ago. So now I am terrified too. My smear test came back no HPV, but having read some stories on here about smears not picking up all problems, its so worrying.
I tried to get my appointment, its coming up as May???!!! What a joke.Hope you get yours sooner. xx