Hi all,

I posted yesterday but it didn't seem to work properly! (I am technologically challenged!) 

I am so very worried.  I was referred to Colposcopy for bleeding after sex (most recent smear (May 2014) was normal.

The GP said it was my ectropion that was causing the bleeding so she referred me to get that sorted.  However when I went to Colp they didn't do anything about the ectropion in the end as they found acetowhite areas.  I asked if it was cancer and the consultant said no but took biopsies anyway.  

I am so scared as I had CIN 3 in 2005 and have had annual smears ever since (all negative) so I don't understand how it can have returned.  I have also had a couple of hpv tests privately (I know, I know, wierd but I have major health anxiety that seems to be left over from severe PND/anxiety).

I keep trying to reassure myself that it probably isn't cancer as thats what the consult said, but surely how can he be sure without the biopsy results as I thought you couldn't see cc visuall

and needed biopsy results to diagnose.

Sorry for rambling,I have just got myself in such a panic I can't concentrate on anything else.  I keep thinking this will be my last christmas :-( :-(



Hi Sophie. It's so easy to think the worst and get yourself into a downward spiral. Waiting for results is a hard time but the best thing you can do is try to keep busy, treat yourself kindly and do nice things with people you love and who love you. At least you are in the system and if anything is untoward it will be dealt with. try to stay positive sweetie. This website is a great place to come to for support and rest assured, you are not the only one to be technologically challenged! 


Hi Karen,

Thank you so much for your kind words.  I am so stressed I sent this crazy email to the consultant basically saying how worried I am and when does he think the results will come through.

Didn't actually expect him to reply but he just did saying the results will be ready this afternoon.  Must try to keep calm but it's hard. :-(


Hi Sophie

Please don't be too hard on yourself, of course you are worried. I hope this will be reassuring though. The reason they took biopsies is because a smear is only 70% accurate, and so is a colposcopist's interpretation. The biopsy is over 90% accurate, so they will do one to make sure they get the correct results - they are just following guidelines and protocol.

If you had anything to worry about, you would know. I had four biopsies taken, my doctor murmured something about being in my glands and then quite literally ran out of the room before I could ask any questions. The nurses told me my biopsy had been marked URGENT and I would hear back within a week or so, but they were scheduling me in for surgery without waiting for the results and I should hear with a surgery date within 2 weeks - if I didn't, I was to chase it up.

Doctors I spoke to afterwards looked at my notes and said they had been very worried at my colposcopy, hence the doctor leaving the room as she was being evasive in case she worried me. We all expected the worst!

In the end, the ole 70% came through for me and my biopsies came back (so did my subsequent LLETZ) as just CIN3 and CGIN

Try to keep calm, focus on other things, and be positive

Thanks Kay, it means a lot to hear from you lovely girls.  Reading the posts on this forum restores my faith in humanity - there is so much kindness (sorry for that pukeworthy gush of emotion!)

I am literally sitting in front of my phone, just waiting for the call. Aarghh, I really hope it comes today. This waiting is horrendous!

Still no results.  Am going crazy here! checking my phone every minute! The consultant said results should be ready yest afternoon but still nothing.  I keep thinking he must be putting off contacting me because he doesn't want to give me the bad news after he told me it wasn't cancer.  I am in such a panic - all logic has gone out the window entirely!

So I got my results - I got sent a copy of the pathology report and it says: 'Sections show that two of these fragments are composed of normal ectocervical tissue and one consists of chronically inflamed endocervical tissue. There is no evidence of cytological atypia or malignancy in the tissue submitted.

So I am guessing this is definitely good news, but does anybody know if I should be worried about the 'chronically inflamed endocervical tissue'?!

Thanks ladies x

Hi Sophie,

What is important here is 'No evidence of cytological atypia or malignancy' That means that none of your cells are abnormal or cancerous. Two out of three of your biopsies are completely normal and the third one is showing 'chronically inflamed tissue'. 'Chronically' simply means that it has been like that for a while, but you should take comfort in the word 'inflamed'. That just means it is irritated. I am sure that your GP or the gynaecological consultant will come up with a course of treatment or perhaps a behaviour, that will resolve it. I have no idea, but this is NOT going to be your last Christmas :-)

Go well


Thank you! This is such a great forum, I wish you all the very best. :-)