So scared - really need advice or at least reassurance

Hi - This is the first time I have posted but I have been lurking for a couple of weeks.  I was told I had a cervical erosion in January this year and was told to stop taking the pill because this can make it worse. I have seen my GP about 6 times this year because I bleed every time I have sex and am also finding it very painful.  She saw me on the Friday and said that my erosion had not got better and I needed to see a gynae.  I saw the gynae and she said I needed to have a scan and MRI before my colposcopy.  I had the scans and all looked well apart from a couple of things.

1) The erosion is quite large.

2) I have got a lump on my cervix.


My consultant said she would cauterise the erosion at the same time as  my colposcopy as this may help with the bleeding and remove the lump. THis will be done under a local anasthetic.  Then during the colposcopy she said that I had 3 areas of abnormal cells and the lump also had abnormal cells in it and wanted to biopsy them before cauterising anything and removing the lump.  I was really shocked becuase my smear in Jan was OK.  I am booked in this friday for the biopsy results and the cauterisation, and lump removal but am driving myself mad with worry. I bled for 7 days after the biopsies were taken so am really worried about how painful cauterisation and lump removal is going to be.   I am also scared about the results - I didn't even know I have abnormal areas or a lump - I went to see the gynae for painful sex and bleeding not because of any bad smear result.

Can anyone on this board reassure me until my results come in.  I am so scared tha there is something very wrong with me. I also have a constant feeling of fullness and some lower back pain although I do not have a bad back. I have googled too much and am now convinced I have cerivcal cancer.  I did have benign tumours removed in 1999 from my ovary and had surgery to remove my ovary and tube so am so scared that I am going to need a big surgery again.   Do these consultants have any idea howm much stress we endure waiting for results? I didn;t even know anything was wrong and feel like I am being treated for conditions I didn;t know I had whilst not addressing the problem of constant pain... Do abnormal cells and cervical erosion cause pain or do you think that all this cautersiation and biopsy is masking the actualproblem?  I feel so alone right now - google has turned me into a nervous wreck so I am hoping that this forum may offer some comfort.

Thanks for reading my post.


Hi Emma, so sorry to hear what you're going through. As you'll see from the site everyone on here goes through a period of terror waiting for results and worrying. I know very little about cervical erosion but I can reassure you that the cauterisation will not hurt. The local anaesthetic knocks out all feeling in the area. I just had a lletz procedure which burns off part of the cervix and then he cauterised all the bleeding. Didn't feel a thing. Honestly. Afterwards the worst was discomfort. Say it to your doctor that you're very nervous about the procedure and they're usually happy to be more reassuring. 


I know it's really hard to stay away from the internet and other peoples stories, but keep in mind a lot of those bad stories are the exception to the rule. Try and keep yourself distracted if you can x

Hi, I’ve had both types of treatment done separately.

The cauterisation is not painful at all, I was petrified at the time but hand on heart it did not hurt.

Secondly for the lump removal, I’m presuming it will be a lletz? The local anaesthetic will numb your cervix and again you won’t feel a thing. Some people feel the injection for the la, it feels like a period cramp.

Difficult to do, but for now sit tight and try not to worry. Will keep everything crossed for you for good results



hi Emma,

I totally understand what your going through at the minute. Your situation sounds pretty similar to mine. I too was diagnosed with cervical erosion after going to Gyne for slight bleeding, also had ultrasound scans to check for polyps etc. all came back ok, and  had erosion cauterised. Although she said there was nothing to worry about i am still going out of mind with worry thinking they have missed something. I'm also having the pain in back and bloating feeling. I've also been a victim to google and now worried myself sick about cervical cancer. I also think that all the added pains we have could actually be down to worry and stress! The brain can do strange things to you when your worried. I have tried my best not to google anything, I would just come to this website for advice if you need to. I've also phoned the helpline before for a little info. They are really good on there and are great if you need To talk things through. Everyone always tells me that worrying doesn't help or solve anything so just try to keep busy and distract yourself! hope your results come back ok for you! Try not to worry. Xx

Hi ladies! I didn't want to read and not send a message. Although I can't offer any advice on what you're going through as I've not experienced it, I just wanted to say DO NOT GOOGLE! That is one of the worst things you could do! Google has a lot of misinformation and out dated information and you will no doubt diagnose yourself with everything you read! I know all this because I tortured myself with google and convinced myself I had every symptom under the sun, when in fact it was all just psychological. Google will not help whatsoever! If you have any concerns of questions, please use this site - it really is amazing for support! I'm also sorry to hear what you're going through hun and I hope they do what's necessary for you to feel fine again. I wish you the best of luck!! And stay away from google lol.. Big hugs xxx

Thanks for your replies - I know I need to stay off Google and will do my best not to look and to keep myself busy instead xx


Hi Emma

I just wanted to send some reassurance to you, the fact that you had a normal smear this year means it’s very unlikely that you have cervical cancer. Waiting is terrifying I know and every twinge in your body becomes a symptom. Try to stay positive, you will see on this site that the newly diagnosed section is a lot less busy than the smear/colposcopy section- that’s a good thing! It means the vast majority of ladies DON’T go on to have CC.
The procedures themselves will be fine, if a bit undignified. Leave your dignity at the door when you go in and pick it back up on the way out :-). Just keep in mind that once it’s all done you will have your peace of mind back.

Stay positive

Love Ali x