Tampons and healthy lifestyle tips

Hi all,
Up in the middle of the night and wondering what everyone’s take is on the use of tampons? Are they okay to use with HPV (any type) or do they irritate the cervix? I’ve stopped using them just in case. Also how has everyone adapted their lifestyle after being told about their HPV? I’m trying my best to eat a healthy diet, walk more and drink 3-5 cups of organic green tea a day. I also take two AHCC tablets a day (1000mg) together with a daily vitamin c tablet with zinc. I’m also taking tumeric supplements (they taste gross). I’ve cut down on my drinking, although sadly I don’t have the willpower to totally give up. What are other people doing? I’m also taking the papliocare vaginal gel everyday. When purchasing AHCC it feels like I’m entering the dark web of items that are often purchased but never talked about nor advertised. It shouldn’t be this way, especially for women. Bit shit really. I was thinking of seeing a natural health doc too but it be scrapped that for now (too expensive). Any tips from other ladies welcome. On the plus side (I know there are not many) I’ve lost some weight :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hi Alice2
I can’t comment on the tampons I always use pads, so would say it’s personal preference I don’t think it would cause harm but I can see your logic for thinking that. I would go with what you thinks best can’t hurt to try if you want to avoid them.

I had started exercising but then had lletz (treatment/biopsy) and had to rest for four weeks so I’m finding it hard to get back into it. I don’t smoke heard that’s a big no no. I don’t drink a lot so hopefully the not a lot helps lol. I’ve also looked into supplements just started with the vitamin c but got a list going on Amazon! Just need the funds.
On my list I’ve got a cheaper AHCC by time health (I can’t afford the £100 a month one) but made sure the company has its own website. As you say it does feel like you’re buying unregulated dodgy stuff lol. I thought oh boots will have them, nope!
Green tea extract
Vitamin A

I sat and went through as many websites as I could tallying what they said was best and these came out on top. DIM was also mentioned meant to be to do with broccoli but I haven’t found any yet so not sure if they’re called something else in U.K.

I did ask my gp nurse if the above supplements were ok to take her response at first was “why do you feel run down??!” I was like to try and beat the hpv so she soon changed her tune abit she checked they were ok to take and said yerp if I wanted to go for it was fine. She did say if I was on contraceptives (pill etc) or trying for a baby she wouldn’t advise some on my list (didn’t say which)

Hope you managed to get some sleep

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Know we have spoken on the other thread about Papilocare :slight_smile: I’ve decided I’m going to try the extended regime that the company did in their study and hope that helps

Like Hanandlee I have got the Time Health AHCC. I see some people rave about and other people think it’s a scam but I think that’s the case for all AHCC really. I take 5 (3g) in the morning
I also take ECGC, curcumin, lutein and indole 3 carbinol
I also have a regular multivitamin and extra B12
I have also recently started taking vitamin E and hyaluronic acid

The only one I’m a bit hesitant to try is folic acid. There is some in my multivit (200g) but I read a paper about extra folate and it potentially increasing changes and it freaked me out too much!!! I know that’s silly as I’m sure this would be the case for all the other supplements too! This just feels like wading through treacle
I have my own personal reasons for delaying my smear and wanting to avoid procedures and I just wish there was more out there than just ‘wait and see’

Hi cloverradio
I’m glad you’ve got the times one too I’ve just ordered them today. It was a hard choice I knew I couldn’t afford the nearly £100 ones but then some other cheaper ones had no info on their brand manufacture just available on Amazon so was very hesitant of them. I shall see what happens.
Oh no I shall look into the folate some more then I did take folic with both my pregnancy’s and tested hpv positive abnormal cells after my last birth. Guessing I was hpv positive a lot longer before this tho (as smears protocol changed 2019) hope you get a good result from all your supplements x

Please don’t take what I have said about folate as gospel, it was one study I read and it seems to have been a genetic thing? I have a semi-scientific background but the paper was way over my head! Everything else I have seen says it is beneficial so it’s probably just me being fussy! After all they encourage it in pregnancy

Thank you - I recently did a home HPV test and it came up negative (positive last year) so hoping the supplements and my immune system have done some good

From what I understand with the AHCC the time health ones are high in beta glucans which are meant to be good for cervical changes anyway so even if the ‘AHCC’ bit is a duff then the beta glucans should hopefully be doing some good!

Best of luck to both of us with all these things we’re trying x


Hey went for my smear a few months ago got told i have hpv no abnormal cells repeat in a year. I was so worked up about it.
Thanks for all your advice for supplements im ordering some tonight. Hopefully they will clear it.
Im trying to eat healthier and excersise. Lots of
Good reviews about the ahcc so hopefully itll work.
I also take some vitabiotics of amazon too.


Hi cloverradio
Haha I had a look at all the folate stuff Jesus it’s like a mine field of not making sense lol I shall not take it just incase luckily it hadn’t been dispatched yet from Amazon so I could cancel it.

That’s brilliant that you’re now testing negative fingers crossed it stays like that.

Can I ask how long everyone’s been taking the contraceptive pill for only realised now that it can increase cc. I’ve been taking it over 20 years (gaps when pregnant twice) thankfully stopped it this year as husbands had a vasectomy but can’t help thinking this has not helped.


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I only took the pill for about 3months before my first child was born. It didn’t suit me so I stopped. Don’t the chances of CC reduce significantly once you stop taking the pill?
I’ve been drinking five cups of green tea a day and I’m enjoying the feeling of being pro active. Thing is, I tested negative for HPV at my last smear but that was a week after my biopsy, so I’m wondering whether that interfered with my results. My consultant said it may have but wasn’t conclusive. I will be see to privately in 12 months …. Even that feels like a long time. The tumeric is making me feel good too, I recommend it.


Hi Alice2 Hopefully stopping the pill, supplements and healthy living will give my body a kick start. That’s annoying that they didn’t just do your smear before the biopsy, I’m going to look into going private too. I pay for health insurance with Aviva but have never used it (got it for worst case scenarios after my mum died quickly from ovarian cancer in 2015) on there it has the option for a second opinion so will be taking advantage of that once my dr decides what aftercare I’m getting. I’m guessing it’ll just be a 6 month smear followed by 12 months. Have you received anything differently going private than you would have on nhs?

Perhaps it’s worth you giving Jos Trust an email or phone call to see what they think about folate/folic acid? I would hate to put anyone off because I’m not a scientist!

Interestingly I have heard of a new product available in mainland Europe called Pervistop
It has ECGC, b12, folate and hyaluronic acid (a specific kind) and meant to be very good from the studies that have been done.

Me personally I took a mini pill for years when I was younger but not for a long time. I’ve seen conflicting info about the impact of the pill.

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Hi cloverradio
Haha no it’s fine don’t worry I’ll take what I’ve ordered and see. I suppose no one knows for sure anyway, I already forget to take the vitamin c I’ve started :see_no_evil: haha.

It seems like they are doing more research into hpv so hopefully one day will find something.

Have a lovely weekend everyone x

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Hi @Hanandlee

It has been very confusing for me. My GP never noticed my polyp but my gynaecologist did (but he was using those scary cameras and she was just using a torch). My gp was rubbish and clearly didn’t know what she was talking about. I told her I had a smear test with the nhs coming up but had bled in between my periods and wanted to be referred sooner. She referred me but told me to keep my smear appointment too. I then went private and the consultant carried out a biopsy and told me from the off that he didn’t think it was cc. The week after my biopsy I went for my NHS smear and told the nurse about it but she didn’t advise me not to have the smear. It came back Hpv negative. I talked to my consultant about it and he said we don’t recommend smears so soon after biopsy but never explained why. So I’m back on my annual smears and popping vitamins like there is no tomorrow :joy:

Hi Alice2
Ouch I bet that hurt too! Fingers crossed it worked properly and you are negative, I’d be so annoyed though feels like a waste and now you’re unknowing for another year, Good luck with everything x

Hi Alice, hope your well,
I definitely have been doing some changes, I also take AHCC and a mushroom blend capsule but dam it’s expensive I order them from America every 3 months. It’s from a brand called papilex it was made specifically for people in our situation. The research is good! I also take vitamin D and folic acid (I haven’t heard of folic acid making it worse?) then I take a natural algae tablet, drinks lots of herbal tea and try to eat healthy.

But I do indulge in a drink and crappy food sometimes. We are only human and can do so much, my follow up is in April💗