2nd test

hi all I need some help, I had a smear in Feb and it came as severe abnormal cells. I had a coloscopy with lettz and biopsy. Came back CIN 3.Was told that I needed to wait another 6 months for another smear as follow up. Had that last week and results came back today that my cells are normal but there is HPV. What is this? I feel dirty like i have caught something but Ive been with my partner for over 2years! The more I google the. More worried I am! Is this a normal thing? What causes it? Any help or advice would be appreciated before I freak out and loose my mind x


I was diagnosed with HPV three years ago, and I too was very concerned and upset when I was told. I had never heard of it before and was worried about cancer risks etc. 

After looking into it though I can say I am much more positive about it. 

There is some evidence to suggest that although you carry it througout your life you can fight it to a point where it lies dormant and can re occur in waves, like a coldsore virus which may explain why its only just bee detected. 

There is also things you can do to boost your immune system and keep it at bay so to speak, google AHCC/ vitamin C for HPV treatment, there is eveidence of a few clinical trials that have eliminated the virus in some women. 

In some ways knowledge is power and you know now. do the treatment reserach, look after yourself, eat well and exercise and that's all you can do ! 

and remember that although HPV is the cause of many cases of cervical cancer. not everyone who has HPV will develop cervical cancer, actually far from it ! recent research suggests that 80 percent of people have or have had this virus.

I am going through an all round shake up and health journey in my life at the moment and aiming to treat my HPV is part of it - I have also asked my partner to take AHCC and Vit C with me so we arent reinfecting eachother (if thats even a thing! i'm unsure but what do we have to loose) and we have a sex life just as before.

Potencially 80% of the people you know could have/or had this too !

So when you think about it like that - it's a little less scary and isolating.

I encourage you to feel as positive as you can about it - research helped me :)