Share your HPV toolkit

Hi everyone,

Thought it would be useful if everyone lists their supplements etc as some of us may be using things others haven’t thought of and saves trawling through all the posts.

Here is mine:
Gardasil 9 (3 doses)
Papillex AHCC 3G
Papillocare gel
Papillocare immunotabs
Vit D spray


Great idea!

I am taking:
Vitamin C & Zinc
Vitamin D spray
Turkey tail
Folic Acid
I also drink green tea and looking at buying the papillocare :slight_smile:


I took same as you plus a probiotic called lactobacillus crispatus m247 (shipped from Italy, brand name Crispact) on suggestion of gynaecologist. Plus I ate healthily, have never smoked, stopped drinking and exercised. So made sure I didn’t have thrush or BV as having them (and any other sti) at same time as hpv can impede body clearing it. I think (home testing shows but awaiting official confirmation) I have finally cleared it after three years. Did above for one year and had lletz (which anecdotally according to gynaecologist just result in people then testing neg). I can’t say it was my wildest year but I definitely looked the healthiest I have for a while! X


@KatieT have you got a link for the crispatus?

@lucy3 what brand AHCC do you use? Xx

Good idea for a thread!
I use:
A multivitamin
Turkey tail 3g
Folic acid


I am currently using MaxBotanics from Amazon - only because it was cheaper, no idea how good it is and I have to take 5 pills to get 3g! . Once I have finished these I will buy the palliplex ones as a lot of people seem to use this brand and has good reviews :slight_smile:


Hi! Great idea, I’m on:

Gardasil (1 dose, 2nd dose due April)
Vit D3
Turkey Tail
Reishi Mushrooms
Matcha tea
(Not supplements - but lots of green leafy veg)

Please do update your post if any of you get a negative result!! Thanks!


@LCA I’m negative at the moment. Stopped taking the supplements after I got a negative last year and that was a bad idea, back on them now and now negative but consistency and using quality supplements I think is key

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Can I ask how do you know what dose to take of each thing? I’ve ordered everything you put on your list but not sure on what dose I need to take. Does it say on the box? :see_no_evil:

Yes it will say on the box :slight_smile: two of the tumeric discs a day, one of everything else xx

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Please could you tell me how you managed to get the lactobacillus from the company in Italy? I have tried a number of times to no avail.

Apols for delay. It needs to come cold so is refrigerated. I got mine in a heatwave :see_no_evil: so now a good time to order I think. I hope it helps. X

It comes refrigerated so now is a good time to order (mine got delayed in a heatwave :upside_down_face:) x

That’s great thank you!

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Am sending lots of positive vibes. It takes up such a lot of head space. Hope all goes well for you. Xx

Hiya brunettetacher
Apologies if you’ve answered me already elsewhere but was your latest negative test at a private clinic or was it a home HPV test? Thanks

It was at a private clinic xx

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updated the broken links I have a background in science and have spent a lot of time researching supplements over the last year or so while I was HPV+. I try to use U.K. manufactured, high quality and organic products where possible. Hope this helps some of you get started. I will make a separate post too so more of us can find things like this quicker xx

AHCC- Papillex version (this is verified unlike Time Health as being from Amino Up)


Insole-3–Carbinol supplement



EHCG (high strength green tea extract -you shouldn’t be drinking green tea, you would need about 1000 cups a day! Plus I don’t like green tea lol)




Just to add to this post. The use of EGCG, B12 and folic acid is in a lot of our tool kits. There is a product in Italy called Pervistop and it contains those three ingredients and hyaluronic acid.

There are some early studies that suggest it is effective l:

A case study of one woman

I’m not a scientist but I saw on another site that they said the first study had flaws but I am not sure what those flaws are?

However it does give an idea of what a suitable dosage might be for for the different items. The only difficulty is the hyaluronic acid as that comes in different ‘weights’ whatever that means and it’s possible your average supplement from boots won’t be the right one however Papilocare gel also contains hyaluronic acid so maybe this is the correct one

Hope this helps ladies - it’s obviously a bit tricky to get items shipped from Italy to the UK now so maybe we can make our own alternative to this product!