Zinc supplements & HPV

Just had my results and I’ve thankfully managed to clear my HPV since my last smear.
I’m so relieved!
I was positive this time last year (a big shock since I’ve been with my partner for 15yrs now & no infidelities)
I did a fair bit of research and read some published research articles on the benefits of taking regular zinc supplements so I’ve been taking daily dose of boots max strength zinc & some B12 since.
Not sure obviously if that’s what helped get rid / suppress the virus or if my immune system managed to get rid of it by itself but I’m extremely relieved!
I’ll definitely continue taking zinc.
I hope this might help others who’ve recently been diagnosed with HPV.


Congratulations! I am quite interested in supplements. Can i ask do you know if ypu were you high risk hpv?

Anyone who’s smear comes back as hpv positive will have tested positive for one of the high risk strains. You can ask which one you have or find out by taking an online test, if it’s something you want to know. X

@Worried58yrold I did ask but the nurse said she couldn’t tell me… I suspect she could but didn’t want to concern me further.

Hey so glad you shifted your possitive hpv to a negative test . I did the same I was possituve august last year I just had my yearly one done and it was negative I have also been taking zinc daily for the past year with a few others so like u not sure if it was that or just one of them things but well done to you . Fingers crossed for the next 3 yearly one :point_up::crossed_fingers: