Hey, I’ve been stalking the forum for a couple of weeks. I can’t seem to find any posts which are the same as mine. I’ll start from the beginning.

Late 2019 I had an abnormal smear with CIN3 I’ll be honest this absolutely terrified me. I was told I’d need treatment and all the pros and cons obviously I went straight to dr google & I was just terrified I was scared it might effect me having anymore children i never planned more children but when the options put too you it does make you worry so I went on to try for another baby, shortly after I fell pregnant with him & they still wanted to do treatment etc but I kinda just ignored all the letters because I didn’t want to risk my baby. Fast forward too 2022 I had a healthy baby boy late 22 early 23 I was suffering from pains in my lower tummy along with my legs which I can only describe as a dead weight I’m dragging about day to day I got an ultrasound and they were all clear bloods were ok I asked what the best move was and it was the dr will get back in touch with you. He never, shock. So Feb 2024 I’d had a period really heavy really sore (not uncommon for me) I phoned the drs back I basically just wanted some pain relief as I was in a lot of pain & id finished my period about 3 days before phoning yet the pain was still present they made me a telephone apt for early march so that night I started bleeding again very lightly more spotting I’d say I put the pain down too that and battled on till my telephone apt so my dr phoned me said he’d put me down for a ultrasound but I told him I’ve already had a ultrasound and nothing came back from it so it’s not that then he dug further into my records and said he’d put me on a 2 weeks colonoscopy waiting list I got my apt my gyene seemed a bit upset with me for leaving it this long told me how silly I’d been (rightly so) so she went in without the microscope and said “it doesn’t look too damaged tbh” then she sprayed and went in with the microscope and her exact sound was “oh” and that was it so I actually asked if I could see my whole cervix was white with some strains/blood clot looking marks also after I seen it I just panicked she was telling me stuff but I’ll be honest I wasn’t listening I was SCARED she took 3 punch biopsies & she said the treatment would need to be under GA as it’s such a big area covered I got straight too the point and asked the question “do I have CC?” She replied “ I can’t say yes and I can’t say no.” I just went blank tbh and was sent on my way the healthcare ran up corridor after me & said “do you understand what you’ve been told there?” I said no I actually don’t understand any of it but the fact she came after me worried me even more. She told me do not google anything if you need/want any other advice phone us. I cried all the way it was an hour drive. I phoned the drs today as the pain is genuinely effecting my daily life, I’m up at night and when I am sleeping I’m having nightmares. I asked for some stronger pain relief I’m currently using nuromol and her response was because I haven’t been dealing with you I can’t prescribe you anything as I don’t know the back story. I like to know the ins and outs of everything and the fact I’m sitting in limbo is probably the worst thing for me. I phoned the clinic I had the colonoscopy at to see if they could prescribe me anything they can’t as they could only treat me for infection. I feel at a lose end. I’ve still got 2 more weeks to wait for results and that’s even if they send them on time. I know it’s not as easy as black and white to find out if I do have CC but does my story sound similar in anyway to anyone else’s who’s had good or bad results?

I’d also like to add the pain isn’t excruciating it’s just dull achy but after months and months it’s draining now and effecting me. I’m getting pains around my lower back (sometimes spreading upwards between shoulders) my tummy & my legs. I also have experienced a more frequent discharge & for about 3 weeks the urgency for the toilet if I don’t go there and then it’ll leak out. I’ve always found sex somewhat uncomfortable as I have using tampons etc so I tend to use liners. I am always exhausted also.

Aged 29 2 children.