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Bit of a long one and for that I apologise.

I’m 31 soon to be 32.

I had a smear a year ago which was 4 years over due, this was due to miscarriages and then pregnancy. I should have made time but with everything going on I just never got round to it.

The smear last year showed HPV positive no abnormal cells. I was recalled August this year. Now the smear last year I just knew something was going on. That gut feeling I guess.

Over this past year I’ve had niggling things here and there that I honestly didn’t think much of at the time.

Heavier bleeding, bleeding between periods, pain during and after sex, massive clots when having my period, pelvic pain and just generally feeling unwell. I put most of it down to a very stressful life working 70 ish hours a week. My partner told me to take a year out and spend it with the kids. Which I have done. My symptoms still remain.

My smear August just gone was a nightmare. Really painful, then the nurse dropped the kit and had to redo… I can only assume less cells were available. Still she sent a fresh one away. This came back still high risk hpv positive with borderline cell changes. I was referred for a colposcopy. Now I’m not entirely sure what is normal and what isn’t in this process. The nurse from the GP called me and stressed how important it was that I attend the appointment. I then had a call from the hospital to confirm I was attending also. The appointment was 4th October.

Now about a few weeks ago I had crippling lower abdominal pain. I swear if I didn’t already have my appendix out I’d have said it was that. I had an early night and the following morning the pain was pretty much gone. Left with my usual dull constant ache.

I attended my colposcopy as planned. The nurse doing it was lovely. But the overall experience was traumatic to say the least. I was in a lot of pain and the one biopsy she did manage to take has left me with a lot of pain and bleeding. On the screen I saw for myself where the abnormal cells were, when moving a cotton swap around a growth within the cervix could be seen. Nothing huge, but a growth nonetheless.

The nurse was open to questions and I did ask what are we looking at? What is her professional opinion. She stated I can only give you what information I have to the naked eye. I think its CIN3 at best and they will call me back in to discuss my results when theyre back. Are they allowed to say it like that!?

My questions… finally.

What else could be the cause of all this?

Have you had a similar experience?

Am I right thinking these results could be quite a while away?

Dont get me wrong of course this is a concern. But overall im not frantic about the whole situation. I have googled best and worst outcomes to be informed. Dont worry dr google really doesnt do scaremongering with me, just pure facts and information (i come from a healthcare background, its all just clinical information and fact finding at this point)

Many thanks in advance

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I swear days feel so much longer atm.

Hello. All of that sounds very stressful. Did they take a biopsy at the colposcopy appt? I think my results came back reasonably quickly - within a couple of weeks. You can ring the colposcopy and ask when you can expect your results if that helps? Until the results come back it’s difficult to know what the situation is, but as, soon as you have all the information they will formulate a plan. I had Cin2 and a LLETZ and am just waiting for the results of my test of cure smear. Sending you lots of positive vibes :heartpulse:

Thanks so much for your reply. Its just been a total roller coaster tbh. She took a biopsy yes, she said 2 week wait time but then all the paperwork she gave me said up to 8 weeks for results.
How did your LLETZ go? Will be keeping my fingers crossed for your results xx

The LLETZ was absolutely fine and so was recovery. I am 45 and previously had one aged 23 (it didn’t affect carrying two babies to term without any interventions).

And thank you for the crossed fingers. I had positive endocervical margins (meaning the lletz did not remove all abnormalities) so we’ll have to see what happens. I have been living like a nun taking about 70,000 different supplements so whatever happens I’ve done all I can :rofl: x

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I dont have to be concerned with pregnancies
I got sterilised after my youngest. Had a complex birthing history. Oooo supplements spunds good. What are you taking if you dont mind me asking?

Sorry, just seen this. I take papilocare (capsules and gels) as well as green tea (ecg), and indole 3 carbinol. If I can’t get papilocare caps for some reason, I take inessa immunity complex and puri folate. I have no idea if they work but someone else on here said they took them so I thought I may as well give it a whirl :rofl:

The papilocare gels are vaginal and the capsules you just take orally. X

I also take a probiotic called crispatus which I had to get from Italy. It’s supposed to be refrigerated but I got it in the European heatwave so it arrived warm ie it probably does nothing but I paid for it so take it regardless :upside_down_face: That one was recommended by my gynaecologist xx

*puro folate

Bet you wish you’d never asked :sweat_smile:

No, im really glad i did ask. Im going to give them a go. Not going to do any harm soooo :woman_shrugging:
Thanks so much for getting back to me xx

That was my reasoning too. The expense does add up but I just want to feel I have done all I can to help myself. I cut out alcohol too. Actually, if it weren’t for hpv and the issues with it, I feel better than I have in a long time! People also talk about checking you don’t have any other stis or BV or thrush as having these at the same time can make it harder for your body to suppress hpv. There are various studies into this. Hope that’s useful xx

Hi i had a smear test that resulted in hpv and cin3 i went for the biopsy took about 10 days for the results i recieved a letter saying there was no evidence of cancerous change and it was suggested i have the leetz procedure that was done 3 weeks after the biopsy still waiting on the result good luck with everything

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Hi Katie, I wondered if you could share a link of where you bought the crispatus from? I’m struggling to find anywhere that supplies it! Thank you :blush:

Wanted to post an update to my orgional post just for anyone who was interested.
The nurse from my colposcopy requested an ultrasound and internal ultrasound. I had these done yesterday. A few days ago I recieved a letter stating my case was being taken to an MDT meeting and they will contact me after to come in for results once this has been done. I was really hopefil to have this put to bed by xmas but thats not looking so certain now.
When having my 2 scans yesterday one of the people there said my results wont go to my gp they would go to the colposcopy nurse. I called today to check if thats correct and enquire about the next MDT date, due to my work i know theyre monthly. The receptionist said novembers mdt is full and im on the list for 4th december. She confirmed my results would be going bavk to colposcopy and she expects a write up of results will be done and that will also be taken into the mdt.

Has anyone had this? Im seriously getting so fed up at this point. I get that they have to meet with other professionals and things but on the other end of it im the one sat here in pain and having no clue whats going on with my own body. :tired_face:

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Another update just for anyone reading this in the future.
MDT meeting went ahead on 4th of this month. Outcome of that was for me to have lletz on 27th.
I didnt receive a leeter confirming this, I called to see what was happening as i hadnt heard. I spoke to the colposcopy nurse as i had some questions, such as, how was this decided without even consulting me?
Turns out, in her words, “your glycolytic enzyme tests cane back positive so we have to treat it a certain way”
No idea what that means. But i guess lletz will go ahead this month and they said they will test the bit they take and depending on results i could then only need test of cure 6 months later.

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How was your Lletz I hope all went well for you x

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