Surprising colposcopy


I am 29, and my first smear at 25 came back abnormal and HPV positive so I went for a colposcopy. At colposcopy some dodgy cells were identified but I was left to go away.

I have had 2 normal smears since, but my most recent came back abnormal with borderline changes.

Before my colposcopy (2 weeks ago) the doctor stated that he had no reason to be concerned as I’m 29 and even though I still have HPV I smoke less than 5 a day (I know I know!!), so it wasn’t enough for him to be concerned.

Upon my colposcopy the doc instantly looked concerned. He identified more dodgy cells and stated that he was going to ‘scrape some away’ I want to say!? He then did a punch biopsy of some cells which he said hadn’t gone away from before.

I’m just nervous as I have waited over 2 weeks to have sex, when I did it was painful and I bled afterwards. Sex has previously been painful and I have had a small amount of bleeding, symptoms which have persisted for some time now.

I get mild cramping every day, usually gets worse in evening. I also have lower back pain which I’ve had for years now but just put down to working at a desk. I know it probably is that but still, I am worried. I just feel generally unwell and fatigued, and have done for about 6 months. I never really feel my best, like I’m running at 60% even after 12 hours sleep (on the odd weekend when my son is with his dad!!).

If anyone could advise or share how they have felt in this position I’d be really grateful. I know I shouldn’t worry but it’s difficult not to.

Thanks for your time xx naomi xx

Hi Naomi,

It sounds like you’ll have to wait for the results of the biopsy to see whether there were any abnormal cells. If the smear said borderline changes they’re unlikely to find anything really serious in terms of cell changes. Cell changes - even high CIN changes - are not cancer and they will not give you the symptoms you mention.

Have you asked your doctor about your symptoms of fatigue and persistent pelvic discomfort, along with the bleeding? Whilst it’s not unusual to have bleeding after sex when you’ve had a biopsy, I do wonder if something else is going on - which may not be related to the abnormal cells and HPV at all. There are infections and other reasons why you might be getting the pain and fatigue - do talk to your GP this if you haven’t done so already, and I hope your results colposcopy results come back showing only low grade changes, and you can get your energy back and enjoy life. X

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Hi Jacks,

Thanks for your response. The smear did say borderline but there were more changes upon the colposcopy as far as I’m aware.

The doctor said he would refer me for a scan regarding the pelvic pain, so I guess I’ll just wait and see.

I’m hoping that after then I’ll have a bit more clarity and the fatigue and pain can be dealt with. It’s just frustrating ad there was a massive delay between smear and colposcopy as I wasn’t referred over like the letter said. So as a result several months have passed so I’m worried there have been changes in this time, even though I know such changes can take a long time to develop!

Thanks for your message, it is reassuring xx

Hi, I am 24, 25 in March u don’t have the symptoms but my smear came back hpv positive and borderline changes. I went for my colposcopy and they seem to think it’s not borderline and cin 2. They said the biopsy’s will tell me for definite but they did punch biopsy’s snd sent them off as urgent. I asked if she was worried snd she said she’s concerned but not like omg worried. I’m worried as my smear said borderline and they’re saying think cin 2 and the sending them off as urgent they said as I’ll get results in 2-4 weeks, that’s worried me? Hope you’re ok x

Hey Lauren,

Sorry to hear that you’ve had a not so great colposcopy experience too :disappointed: I think it’s definitely natural to worry, but I’m trying trying think that whether I worry or not then the result will be the same. Its week 3 for me tomorrow so hoping to find out within the week.

Even if it is a cin2 change then thats still early enough to have a smaller procedure, so I’m sure we will both be fine! Let me know how you get on, sending lots of love and a virtual hug xxx


Did they say what they thought on colposcopy? I’m hoping not waiting long for results it’s just horrible isn’t it! Thank you and let me know what you results come back as hope you’re ok! I keep thinking to myself the same worrying won’t change what is going on so trying to keep busy. I just don’t understand how smear can say borderline but they think cin 2. My smear was October and results November then colposcopy the 30th December x