9 years since smear, sever cella and hpv positive

Hello, I’ve been diagnosed with severe cell changes and hpv positive after my smear test. I haven’t had a smear for 9 years and when the nurse was doing the exam she questioned me again regarding pain and bleeding having already spoken about this before the exam and told me two times to make sure I open the letter and read it properly. At the time I thought nothing of it now I’m thinking maybe she saw something. I’ve had irregular bleeding for almost a year, frequent urination which I’ve always had but it is much much worse now I seem to not be able to empty my bladder and I wake up at least 3 times a night for a wee and it’s just as bad during the day. I have no pain during sex but I do have really bad hip pain that radiates towards by lower back, severe pain in my shoulder that’s been on and off for years it goes through stages of numbness, pain, then fine but I’ve just ignored it. Also I have a fullness feeling in my vagina and back passage constantly, I was wondering if i had a prolapse but haven’t had the courage to book gp appointment.
Anyway the results were back within a week with the results and on the same day a colcposcopy booked for 8days time. 8 days felt so long to wait but I’ve since discovered that’s a quick time to wait which, whilst I’m relieved, also makes me more worried about my other symptoms and I’m all of a whirlwind about it. I know no one can give any answers and I have to be patient and wait for colcposcopy which is on Monday then possibly more waiting. I’ve been told by a friend who’s a sexual health specialist that usually sever grade will have lletz treatment there and then which I’m happy about and also feel nauseated too!
I’m a single mum, 37, having to plaster on a smile for the kids has been so rough, I literally want to curl up in bed until its time for the procedure and get it out of the way!! I’ve been loitering for a while now but just needed to get everything off my chest. Thank you for reading xx

Hi bless you I too have had the pressure down below - I haven’t been able to explain my symptoms down there either - I sit down to work and feel a pressure I need the toilet constantly but nothing happens — tummy bloating like nervous butterfly’s mixed with feeling like I’ve had a big dinner !!!hope you get answers soon x

That’s exactly it! I also have lumps protruding for anus (:nauseated_face:) sorry tmi, and thought they were just Hemorrhoids but they’re not red itchy or painful, just there and thought well that’s just part of my body and now they’re freaking me out too incase something more sinister. I’d love to rewind to 3 weeks ago when my biggest worry was the gas bill it feels like everything is on hold and every little thing in my body now fixating on. I’ve no idea where to go so ranting on here

Am update its the day after colcposcopy. I was so anxious going in, and then was told a trainee would be doing the procedure-Guided by the specialist. She said that due to severe cells they would do lletz there and then, asked about any pain or bleeding during or after sex and irregular bleeding. They then described the procedure and asked if I had any questions, I couldn’t think of anyhting but really needed the loo so did that then went to get undressed. In the room we’re the colcposcopist, the trainee, a medical student and 2 nurses it was very overwhelming to be honest! I had decided to look at the screen during the procedure but I felt very queasy, she needed to put a larger speculum in and it was very uncomfortable, the lovely nurse was trying to distract me talking about my children but I really didn’t want small talk so I closed my eyes and took deep breaths. It was very quick, I felt a tugging and they gave me more anaesthetic I kept my eyes closed the whole time as I wanted to keep calm and relaxed so I didn’t tense up. The colcposcopist and her student kept whispering which made me worried, then aloud she was told she was using the wrong size bud? And the nurse got a telling off for something too but I’ve no idea what. When it was all done the student and the student doing the procedure left without saying anything and the colcposcopist told me it was all done and I could get dressed and wait for a letter in 4-6 weeks followed by a smear in 6 months and she was gone. The nurse lead me to changing area then gave me a leaflet and I left. I feel like I should have asked more about what was seen and taken but the whole thing really shook me, I can’t explain it really, the whole thing was quick and not painful but very uncomfortable. My vagina is very tender today an dive had painful cramping but only a small amount of bleeding. Back to work tomorrow which I’m hoping will go quickly, I work in a nursery and it’s very physical I don’t know how I can do the job without lifting for 4 weeks but I have a meeting with my manager first thing and she’ll do a risk assessment and let the staff know what i’m not able to do.
This was supposed to ba a quick update but has turned into a ramble sorry!! Congratulations if you’ve got this far :relaxed:

Well done Hetty on getting past this first stage. Did your letter state any findings from the smear, for example CIN3 or CGIN? The Lltez procedures are usually really successful at removing the abnormal cells and fingers crossed they got them all. Its really easy to magnify everything going on in your body when you get news like this, and come up with the worst case scenario’s. But on saying that do you think you might pick up the phone to your GP and tell him/her about all your concerns? You have been really brave already so why not take it a step further, if only for your peace of mind. X

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Hi Andi, the letter just said severe which was the reason given for lletz and I was always prepared to have it having read others experiences on here. Less tender today just cramps and feeling ebry tired but I’m at work so the times going quickly :relaxed: really glad I had it done!

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