Hope im posting in the right area.

Im 34 and awaiting colp and biopsy results, taken on the 19th Jan.
Bit of a backstory. Ive been under gynae for around 10 years with hysteroscopy finding it was likely i had PID but was discharged and nothing ever came of it. Always been on time with smear tests…was HPV positive a year ago on smear with low grade cell changes. Colposcopy came back normal. 12 months later, still HPV positive and now high grade changes. Attended colp and biopsy was taken of some cells which showed up under the fluid they applied.
However, im feeling really rubbish. I have had random bleeds post intercourse for a long time. Sometimes i do, sometimes i dont. Ive lost a stone since the autumn (3lb this week). Appetite has all but vanished which is annoying, i love food. I am experiencing a brownish thick discharge, again on and off. I am currently laid on the bed with such severe pelvic pain, its dull and naggy right down in the corner of my pelvis. I have hip bone pain which is making me walk like im 94, not 34 haha. I am feeling cold, shaky weak and just generally pathetic.
I havent told anybody about whats going on, my partner doesnt listen regardless haha so not sure what he can remember or not.
Ive got 3 children, 2 teens and a 7 year old.
Not sure why im posting, i just hope someone somewhere reads this.

I’m so sorry you’re feeling the way you are - it must be exhausting. I don’t have any specific advice but wanted to say welcome and I hope things improve. Waiting for results is so hard, but now that you’ve had the biopsies taken, the wheels are in motion. Either it will put your mind at rest and rule out a possible cause for your symptoms, or they can get on and treat anything they do find. I’ve found colposcopy (and later LLETZ) really knocked me psychologically - I felt cold, shaky and sorry for myself for a couple of days. Not sure what caused it - just felt like I needed a bit of time to lick my wounds (not literally :nauseated_face::rofl: ) and regroup. I really hope you get the results through quickly and whether it’s linked or not, that they can help with the pelvic pain (would definitely talk to the doc if you haven’t already about that). Would it help to try and talk to your partner about what’s going on? The Jo’s trust helpline could be a good option, too if you need someone to talk to and don’t feel you can.x

Thanks for replying to me.
Ive spoken to the doctor so many times over the years about gynae related issues and was referred back to gynae early last year. Not heard back since.
Im so tempted to ring and just see if there is any news for me but i know its too soon really. Would like an answer either way ha.
I will take a look at the helpline thank you. I feel like until i know anything, im just “going on” about something ive always “gone on about” i guess. X

Hi Busy bee
I had a smear last year that showed hpv positive and cgin,I had a lletz which had clear margins and due a check up in march. I too am experiencing some bleeding, discharge and pain so it would be great to know if you get any answers xx

I hope everything goes well for you,would be great to hear your results when you get them,I am in the same situation and worried sick at the moment x

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Hi Sunshine,
I gave in and rang the gynae secretary today. She was so kind to me but unfortunately they are just going through end of November’s colposcopy results today. She said results are taking 6-8 weeks instead of the usual 3-4. I could have wept. I thanked her anyway and she did take my name in case she spotted anything with my name on in the meantime, which im truly grateful for.
So just sit tight and wait. I keep getting a numbness down my thigh which is a really bizarre feeling. However on the brighter side, ive had 2 lovely party invites today so i shall do some online shopping i think, wonderful distraction for a bit :slightly_smiling_face:
Hope you hear some news soon x

Hi Busybee1 and welcome

If you haven’t done so already I suggest getting a GP appointment; I think you should at least get advice about your recent loss of appetite and weight loss.


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Hi Busy bee
Oh no,it’s the waiting that is just awful isn’t it :pensive:,I had to wait 7 weeks for my results and it felt like a life time. I am going to be called back for a smear in March at the hospital so I’m just waiting for the invitation for that now and keeping everything crossed for a good outcome but I’m just not so sure :sleepy:,as jazza said,have you spoken with the GP about your recent weight loss and loss of appetite? At least you have some things to look forward to and take your mind off things :relaxed: xx

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Hi Jazza.
I do have blood tests booked for Friday, inflammatory markers are being taken, i think for the sake of this hip bone pain. I will attempt to make an appointment then, but you know thats challenging at the moment!!
Everything is such a waiting game!

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Good luck busy bee,keep us posted on how you get on :crossed_fingers: x

Hi Busybee1
I just wondered how you got on on Friday? I am just waiting for an appointment to discuss my hip pain too so would be great to know how you got on xx

Hi busybee
Just checking in to see how you are? :relaxed: Xx

Hi Sunshine
Had my bloods which came back normal!! Thats a relief.
I started bleeding quite heavily on Wednesday and still going strong today. Im not due a period until next week so im hoping that this is it, its just early. Ive run out of txa tablets sadly so back to doctor tomorrow to ask for more.
No news from colp. Itll be 4 weeks this week. So hopefilly half way through the wait.
Hope youre well x

Hey busybee1
Oh no,I do hope that it’s just your period early…like you said,half way through the wait and hopefully they’ll be earlier for you. I’m okay,the spotting has calmed down but still got the dull achy pain,have you? Just waiting for a letter soon for my follow up smear xx

Hi there

In am very sorry to hear you’re having such a hard time.

I am a 35-year-old single mum and around 2 years I started randomly bleeding outside of my period - sometimes very heaving, which was frightening.

I also began experiencing severe pains, numbness and more. I tested positive for HPV repeatedly over a past number of years, and changes showed up on a smear. I was referred for colposcopy.

This was such a scary time and I was convinced I had cancer - I couldn’t see how it was possible to have such extreme symptoms and for this to be benign, and the presence of abnormal cells on a smear only contributed to this fear.

To cut a long story short; I didn’t have cancer, although I had adenomyosis (like endometriosis but where womb tissue sticks to the muscle wall, not other organs).

Your symptoms do not necessarily mean you have cancer at all, so try not to think the worst.

Because of adenomyosis I had a hysterectomy (including removal of my cervix). I had to pay £7000 for it privately, but it goes to show you don’t have to suffer in silence. If you have severe symptoms and don’t want any more children, removal of womb and cervix could be something you discuss with your GP…

Just called for an news and my results show CIN2. Im so so relieved its precancerous and nothing more sinister. I am going to hear about the treatment needed at the beginning of march.
In the meantime the gynae consultant has suggested it may be the copper coil i have that is being problematic here with my symptoms of pain and bleeding so has recommended its removed.


Hi Busybee1
I am so pleased your wait is finally over and that nothing really sinister was found :blush: hopefully after having the coil removed all of your symptoms will settle down,so pleased you finally got your results xx

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Hi Busybee1
Just checking in to see how things are going and if your symptoms had calmed down at all? Xx

I do hope they have :slightly_smiling_face:

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