Pelvic examination

Hi everyone :grinning:

Looking for some advice to put my mind at ease.

So my history with smears, I had my first smear at 25 and it showed slight changes so come back in a year. Went back a year later and there was abnormal cell changes so was booked for a Colposcopy. Had the colposcopy in September 2019, everything was fine and they said see you in the three years.

I went to the doctors this week to discuss planning for a baby etc. And more info. I am due my next smear when I will be trying so wanted information if you get me.

I did mention that I have had bleeding after sex, but I’ve suffered with this on occasions and not all the time and it’s gone on for some time but didn’t really think anything of it.

I had a pelvic examination and they said there is redness on the left side of my cervix. I have been referred for another Colposcopy

Has anyone ever had this and what have the results been ? I have no symptoms just occasionally the bleeding and I mean occasionally. Im up to date on smears and only had a Colposcopy in 2019.

Im worrying out of my mind panicking it’s the dreaded C word but I don’t think it is at the same time ! I’ve done everything I can to cover myself.

Just looking for someone to speak to :heart:

Hi, sounds very unlikely to be CC which takes about 15 years to develop if you had a colposcopy in 2019 which was all good. Obviously i am not a doc but i know cells take years and years to develop even into pre-cancerous generally. Natural to worry tho x

Did your previous colposcopy show hpv? or did you manage to clear it?

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Thank you so much :heart: They didn’t say they just said all looks good see you in 3 years but surely they wouldn’t have done that if worried?

I’m worried sick I have to say and thinking the worst case :pensive: but he just said redness which when I’ve looked into it is normally inflammation or the erotion :heart: