Scared - biopsy results

Please someone help me. I’m terrified. Can’t sleep, feel physically sick.

Back in January I had an unusual period so got checked out. Doctor told me my cervix looked weird and put me on an urgent referral. I have ectropion and cysts but no other symptoms such as bleeding when I shouldn’t. I do sometimes get period type pain but nothing I’ve been overly concerned about.

At my colposcopy appointment the doctor explained what would happen and seemed to believe I’d be discharged. Everything changed on examination and 3 biopsies were taken. He told me that the ectropion had changed since it was last seen in 2022 and that there were blood vessels visible. The lady I saw back in 2022 didnt do half the checks he did and I’m so worried I should’ve been biopsied then. I was referred then after a miscarriage and a polyp was seen.

I had lletz treatment in 2001 for cin1/2. Every smear since has been clear, but the last clear smear under the old screening of checking cells was 2018. My last smear was 2021 and HPV negative. I keep getting told because of this there’s little to be worried about, but with my history I really feel there is. I’ve completely spiralled. I have a 9 year old daughter, and husband, I break down thinking what might happen. My husband is at his wits end with me, we’re arguing a lot because I’m so scared. It’s changed everything.

Its been 4 weeks since the colposcopy and I’ve contacted the clinic as I’ve not had any results. I was told they were only just back and a letter would be sent in the next week. Once she told me she couldn’t give me my results over the phone, I felt like she felt sorry for me, and I just can’t shake the feeling it’s the worst news possible.

Im not coping at all. I don’t know how to function anymore, I’m physically shaking typing this out. I feel I’ve been let down by the change in screening and I’m going to loose everything :disappointed:

I feel like I’ve also now developed symptoms such as period type pain most days, itching inside and when I think back now, I think at times my discharge was a bit smelly but I’d put it down to being closer to my period. I’ve not had sex in months due to my mental health so I can’t say with confidence that I don’t bleed after sex, other than I haven’t upto now.

I’ve googled way too much, read up on all stages and treatment, read so many stories on here. Everyone is so nice and no one wants to be here I know that but god I wish I had asked more questions in 2021 and 2022 and not typing this after yet another night of zero sleep.

How do I cope?


I should also add, I had an abdominal ultrasound back in January due to ongoing upper abdominal pain. My uterus and ovaries where looked at and reported as “grossly normal” although the right ovary couldn’t be seen. I paid for this privately so I have the images. I’ve been over and over the image of the area of my cervix and I’m convinced I can see a small circle in the tissue next to my cervix, but as nothing was reported on my husband tells me there’s nothing to be worried about.

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Hi Callie
Sorry to hear you are so worried and it’s causing you so much stress.

It is good that you are HPV negative as they now think that the majority of cervical cancers are caused by HPV. You could order a home HPV test to see if you have come up positive since your last smear? Hopefully you will get your biopsy results soon which will help your anxiety

I’m not a doctor but I don’t believe that ultrasounds are really used to pick up cervical cancer but I could be wrong. Have you considered contacting the jos trust helpline? They might be able to offer some clarification and advice x

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Hi @cloverradio thank you for replying. Would the doctor have tested for HPV during the colposcopy? I just feel sick, today has been awful. I don’t think I can face anymore tests.


Hi @Callie14

I’m so sorry to hear about your journey. The waiting game is the hardest. I’m currently playing that same game myself.

I’m not sure if your hospital is as efficient as mine but my letters get loaded onto the NHS app and when they are written so I’m likely to get them a day or two earlier. It might be worth checking.

It’s tricky not to Google, I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t. But my best advice is to stay here, safely in Jo’s Trust. You get a much broader picture without medical jargon and stories that made the news.

I do hope you get the results you are hoping for soon.

Sending big hugs.


I am not sure sorry :frowning:
They might have gone by your previously results which were negative

Your doctor should be able to tell you exactly what tests you had at your colposcopy as they will receive a copy of the colposcopy report x

Hi Callie

Sorry to read your story.
Although I understand waiting for news is the hardest part in these situations, given my experience, no news is good news.
I had an awful diagnosis at the end of 2022, following a lletz, I was send in for an appointment and they did treatment there and then. My results and everything that followed were extremely quickly.
Even though I did end up with a cancer diagnosis, I am now very fortunately cancer free following treatment.

I hope this gives you some reassurance.

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Thank you for your replies. It’s a week on from when I rang and I’ve still not had a letter. I’m going out of my mind. The waiting is just awful x

Update - letter has finally arrived after 5 weeks, no abnormalities! I’m so relieved !

Wishing everyone well :pray:t3::heart: xx


So pleased for you :heart: thank you for updating us x

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