Symptoms for years


In an attempt to calm myself even a little bit I come here …

I haven t had a pap smear for 10 years, noe I’m 28, the last pap smear was classified as II in my country and 6 years ago I ve had a transvaginal ultrasound which didn t catch anyting else but polycystic ovaries.

I didn t have sex for 5 years and starting from February I ve has back pain on and off, it was barely there so I ignored it pretty musch however in march I had a period from hell which lasted for 2 weeks, full of clots but not quite so painful. In april It was just 3 bad days and sime back pain, may and june were slighly better but july was a disaster I bled for 3 weeks and fron then on I had back pain every day. Tuesday I was bleeding so bad that I went to the ER, the dr immediately told me I have CC by just looki g, then I had a biopsy and also a blood transfusion due to the anemia. Now I m waiting to have a MRI and the biopsy results…

I m just wonderibg if there s someone here with these kind of symptoms … for so much time … I feel like a stage 4 metastatic diagnosis is coming…

Dear Mry1,

Sorry to hear you are going through all this! I don’t know how an ER doctor can say you have cervical cancer by looking at you. Let’s hope the biopsy will be more helpful and it isn’t cancer. It’s a horrible thing to send you into such a panic.

The symptoms do not sound like CC - they sound more like endometriosis, or some other similar condition, and anaemia caused by the excessive blood loss.

We will be keeping everything crossed for a swift diagnosis and hoping it’s not cancer.

The waiting is horrendous. It’s one of the worst parts.
I hope you get your biopsy results quickly and no matter what the result is I hope you get treatment quickly x

Hi Mry1

I hadn’t had a smear test for over 10 years when I got my first symptom of cc: this consisted of a persistent yellow watery discharge which I ignored because I thought it was a minor infection that would sort itelf out. About 5 months from when my discharge started I experienced an episode of very heavy almost projectile vaginal bleeding with clots and like you I went to A&E (I’m in the UK). I wasn’t able to tolerate an internal examination but I had one under general anaesthetic a week or so later and was told on the day that going on the appearance of my cervix it was likely I had cc. My diagnosis turned out to be stage 2A squamous cervical cancer. It’s about 4.5 years since I had treatment and I’m so far NED (no evidence of disease).

Easy to say but try and take things as they come and not jump to conclusions; it’s best to stay away from Google because it will only scare and confuse.

I hope all goes as well as possible for you.




Thank you everyone for your responses. I’ve managed to calm a little bit, especially because the pain is much less noticeable.

You are all so nice, I wish you all health and happiness

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Did you find out what stage you were at? I’m waiting for results for my sister and I’m so scared.


Yes, I found out my stage but don’t think just because your sister has symptoms it will be a higher stage. Also, the new FIGO staging bumps you up to 3c if you have node involvement, whereas before you could have been 2 with node involvement.

Sending you positive thoughts for you sister.

This is what happened to me, watery clear discharge all the time a few spots of blood and some pelvic pressure, when the doctor looked at my cervix she couldn’t believe Ide only just started having symptoms, I’m frightened this has spread way out of control because of my cervix, I’m still waiting on a stage and I’m terrified x

I understand perfectly what you’re going through… but please try to keep calm, especially until receiving your results, my doctor told me that she thought it spread, but I’ve got node involvement, not organ involvement. And I had symptoms for like 6 months and quite strong.

Sending hugs to you !

Thank you so
Much for the reassurance, hope your treatment goes well xx

Please keep me updated. Thank you! God bless!

This is exactly the same as me. I’m waiting for PET scan and a sigmoidoscopy to confirm staging.

I am absolutely terrified right now and been depressed. Like you I’ve ignored my symptoms for 2 years which started as light bleeding during sex. Until these past 3 months where I’ll have spontaneous bleeding outside my period and a persistent watery discharge mixed w blood everyday with pelvic and lower back pain. So I gathered all courage to see a gynecologist and upon pelvic exam she saw some abnormal tissue and took a biopsy right away. I’ve been feeling ill and have to take painkillers Everyday. Fearing the worst diagnosis as I had my symptoms for 2 years. Can’t help but cry everyday so miserable.

I think you managed to do the most important step, please try not to think about the worst. There are people with no symptoms and higher stage and then there are the ones with horreoundous symptoms and minor stage or no stage.

I think the most important thing is to have hope and faith!

Thank you for replying. It’s been really hard for me to keep positive these days when it hits you so many dark thoughts and you feel helpless.Since I’m in pain everyday it’s just a lot to take in. Sending you all love and prayers as well.

Hi Polly,Did you find out what stage? I’m also having sigmoidoscopy along w laparoscopic surgery to check bladder and lymph nodes. Sending much love and strength. Xx

No. I’m still waiting and it’s awful. I just feel like I’m in limbo. I don’t even have a date for an appointment :cry:

When were you diagnosed? So you’re waiting for staging? Same here. I have a surgery to assess spread to bladder/rectum and sigmoidoscopy. I understand the fear and worries. I’m currently not in a good state as well. You can private message me anytime if you need someone to talk to. Sending you lots of love and strength. Xx