Worried about symptoms

Hi everyone I am new to this forum.

i just wanted to see if anyone else had similar symptoms and come back with anything from the smear?

I am 23 years old and have been with the same partner since i was 16. I have had post coital bleeding every time for 4 years and have suffered with severe left sided abdominal pain. Known to suffer cysts on left ovary although docs dont see this relevant. I also bleed inbetween periods and experience dull aching pain in my lower back. I often get random shooting pains near the cervix. I asked my gynae for a smear who states that they cant do it as im too young. I feel in my body that there is something wrong with the severe pain i have suffered with fora year. I have paid privately for a smear and when she performed it she was shocked at the amount of blood that came out and said it definately needed to be sent. I have been checked for infection, STD and lesions- all clear.

From experience are there any people with these symptoms that have shown abnormalities?



keep being persistent with the docs it took me 5 trips to the docs in 4 weeks for them to refer me to gynea, I'm 24 and had heavy bleeding

for 4 months turned out I had stage 2 cc. There are plenty of different reasons for your symptoms so it doesn't have to mean cancer.

sorry I cant be more help than that xx

Hi thanks for your response! I am so sorry to hear that. It must be just awful i cant imagine what you have been through!! Did you bleed heavily constant or was it just on periods or for a few days inbetween? Did you have any other symptoms? I am going crazy with worry and I feel in my body thag something just isnt right! I wish you all the luck in the world! Thank you



I had 2 days every couple of weeks where I would flood, it was that bad I would have to leave work

or wherever I was to go and get changed. I was told I was to young to get cc and they wouldn't entertain

doing a smear test. It was only when the 5th doctor did an internal she noticed something was wrong

and referred me to hospital. If you need to ask me anything feel free xxx

That sounds awful :-(. I am not randomly flooding i get really heavy periods and bleeding inbetween aswell as post coital. I suppose its hard to tell I will just have to wait for results. As soon as the Dr done it she admitted it needed to be sent. Although she admitted beforehand that due to my age she wouldn't have done it for an NHS patient but as i was paying private I could have whatever I want. This is very sad- obviously younger people are getting cancer they should do it for symptomatic patients. Frustrating or what?! How are you now- I notice you have finished treatment? Has it affected your day to day life alot?

Dear SP1990,

have a look at endometriosis uk's website : http://www.endometriosis-uk.org/

particularly the symptoms. It's stressful I know but it's very unlikely you've got anything sinister. 

ps. the only way to diagnose endo is through a laporoscopy

if you've had these symptoms basically since a few years after you started puberty...well as a layman I'd say, particularly with no other explanation for your symptoms, it's definetly worth asking your GP for a referall to check for endo - which is perfectly managable once you know you have it.


Hi Alice thanks for your reply. I had a lap in Jan and i am awaiting another one by a different consultant. There was no sign of endometriosis last time which was just a couple of months ago! Thank you