Looking for advice please - symptoms- past history

It was only for jade goody being the same age as me that I went for my first smear test and how lucky I was at cin 3 went for lletz/loop excision biopsy and told I was very lucky it was pretty bad and my whole cervix and 3 layers was covered in the cells that was 7 years ago and had hpv I was checked more regularly for first couple years and was ok now I’m due after 3 years well actually I’m late was supposed to be November how I’ve let it slip my mind I don’t know I’ve made the appointment today earliest appointment is two weeks only I am worried last few days I am spotting really bright red blood just when I go the toilet and wipe (sorry for info)and sore pelvic pain like period pain constantly I am mid cycle also my last period was not normal was very painful to the point of me in tears for two days very heavy for 2-3 days thick clots and stopped very suddenly when usually it’s 5-6 days and never had pain like it fingers crossed its something and nothing I never realised it can come back after treatment silly I know doctors can’t see me for two weeks have advised I go drop in clinic so going tomorrow x

Just been for my smear and has only enhanced the worry if I'm honest she did smear and then said she needed to continue to pelvis exam to see further was very uncomfortable and she just had this look on her face like a concerned sad face prob sounds silly and like I'm imagining I know but she took five swabs then said I'll take another for luck but took another 3 She then just said I'll get my results very soon and to take care x

Hi Laura,  

I can't give you advice on your symptoms. There are so many things that could be causing them. Don't read too much into your Dr's face and words as they can't really show emotion. 

You have taken the right steps and you will find out the results quite soon hopefully  (although it'll feel like forever ). 

Whatever the outcome,  and hopefully it's better than you're expecting,  you can face.

There's so much support on here. Post whenever you need to  x 

Hi philleepa thanks for commenting I remembed this all too well when I went through it 7 years ago didn't think would happen again after treatment but of course it can return even the abnormal period didn't worry me so much as much as I knew it was different I just thought I'd wait and see next month it was finding the blood earlier this week as ive never bled mid cycle before also the constant period pain was so bad last night I went to bed crying with painkillers which isn't me I've bled after smear today and again loads of pain I just have to wait and think positive I know that xx

Hi Laura,

During the pelvic exam the doctor had her hand inside you and was feeling around to see if she could find anything out of the ordinary. Is that right? If you were doing something like that would you be concentrating on what you could feel? What does your face look like when you are concentrating on something you can feel but cannot see? Does it look concerned/sad? Sounds to me like she was concentrating and you shouldn't read anything into facial expression when that's going on. Some people poke their tongues out when they are concentrating really hard :-)

Be lucky :-)

Hi tivoli 

thank you for replying I know what your saying we didn't look at each other whilst she was performing the exam it was afterwards I felt she was different towards me but i know when we are worried we can become quite anxious and paranoid I'm starting to think imagining everything to be honest I don't know what I do and don't feel at the moment just have to wait for results I can't do anymlre now. Never in a smear have they gone on to perform a pelvic exam she aid she just needed to look further and take some more samples so I think that just made me uneasy as its first time it's happened anyway I'm thinking positive I'm that type of person what will be will be x