Symptoms after Lletz

Hi everyone, 

I had Lletz procedure on Wed (4 days ago) & since Saturday morning I've been having bleeding rather than pink watery discharge. Is this normal? 
All the various leaflets/websites talk about bleeding after a couple of weeks or so. There's been a couple of small clots & period-like pain. 
mum so worried about an infection especially when I found the procedure so upsetting too.

can anyone advise please about what to expect? 


I had mine Tuesday and Iv been experiencing first either brown blood or discharge, but also blood and pinky looking stuff. I was told to expect a bit of bleeding for 2 weeks afterwards so I would say it's normal. I was told to go to the doctors or hospital if it starts to smell really bad or if I bleed really heavily for a significant amount of time. Obviously if you are worried I would get checked out just to be on the safe side. 

And now the wait begins... I thought treatment would be the worst thing but for me it's the wait afterward.


Take care


kayleigh x

Hi Kayleigh,

thanks, I'm currently bleeding like a period amount. I'll phone the unit tomorrow to find out what's classed as heavy just in case. Luckily no bad smells yet apart from the usual kinda period smell. 
Definitely the wait is the worst! Fingers crossed we both get to find out soon ?

Hi ladies. To me that sounds normal and similar to experiences others have had, but I'm not a medical professional and the leaflets they give you are not particularly helpful.

I had my LLETZ on 2 February. I didn't bleed that day but started bleeding the next day. Heavier for the first 10 days or so and still bleeding now but slightly lighter. Haven't been soaking through more pads than a normal period though so I don't think that's anything to be concerned about. Apparently you can bleed for the full 4 weeks. Also had a pretty sizeable clot on the 4th - like 3x3 cm or something. So gross. Think it was potentially the scab coming off early?

Re the smell I think it is supposed to smell really bad if you have an infection. But hard to tell isn't it. Pads and bleeding is never the best combination anyway in my opinion. 

I've been feeling very rundown and tired. Nothing in the leaflets about that either. But it is surgery - had quite a lot taken out under GA - and had a profound psychological impact too. Wish the leaflets and information beforehand didn't make it seem so minor. 

Keep your chin up and phone in to check if you are concerned ?

I have bloating as well, I look like I'm pregnant again! 

So frustrating, isn't it. But good to hear that a lot of people are in the same boat ? xx

Thanks little.miss.sunshine, that's very helpful! 
I wish the leaflets were consistent. My periods prior to this were irregular & light due to the contraception implant so honestly don't really know what to expect. 
The hospital wasn't really clear either & my head was all over the place after the procedure to take it all in so will phone them up tomorrow to check.

im constantly going to the toilet (although that could be because it's cold), feeling cold & changing my pads every few hours so I'm slightly concerned but probably just over-anxious. Will phone tomorrow morning & report back.

Hope you're ok & recovering too ?

Hi, I have just had my first bath today after having a colposcopy 9 days ago, was told by the nurse to wait one week before having a bath but am now in a lot more pain than I was before having a bath?! Not sure if I haven't healed properly yet, any ideas? ? 

Thanks TG. That sounds sensible. I'm changing my pads all the time too. Hate it. I ordered some of the Modi period pants and have started wearing those with a panty liner instead, which is a lot more comfortable. Would never normally wear anything like that. I'm strictly a tampon kind of girl, but very useful for post LLETZ. Size up if you get them though as they seem to run small. Or I've just been consoling myself by eating my body weight in sweets!

Thanks lovely. You too. Keep us posted on how the call goes. xx

Hi ladies,


Very relieved to read these posts as my experience has been very similar. Had my Lletz last Monday. Have been using pads but they don't seem... Fit for purpose shall we say! And very uncomfortable. Also noticing needing the loo more. And also a bloating around lower tummy, so that's reassuring.

Any recommendations other than pads?

Thanks in advance ladies. X