Bleeding after lletz

Hi all I'm after a big if advice! I went for my lletz treatment on Monday and it was an unpleasant experience but it's after I'm wanting to know about! I know everyone's body is different but I have had no bleeding since and just a discharge. I know it sounds silly but I'm wanting the bleeding to start to get it over with! Has anyone else not bled straight away? 

you won't bleed like a period. i had mine just over a week ago and it's basically watery mucus-like blood stained discharge - at least to start with. then it will go off to brown colour, like old blood. think like a scrape on your hand or something, it goes wet before a scab - does that make sense? i figure it's kind of like that. gotta say it's not nice and of course you can't put anything in there to catch it! niiiiice :)

did you get given a leaflet by the nurse?

Hi hun, I had my LLETZ 3 weeks ago today. Didn't have much for the first 4 days then after that I had as much blood as a heavy period for about a week, it's only just started easing these last couple of days and turned to a brown colour....I went to the docs as I was concerned with the amount of blood and they examined me and said all was fine and healing as it should - the advice the coloscopist gave me was that was that as long as your not filling a pad every hour and there's no smell or pain it's fine - I think everyone's different. She said some bleed for the whole 4-6 weeks advised, others not much, others not at all!

take care x

I had my Lletz done six days ago and I only started bleeding today.  Before that it was a heavy watery discharge.  Bleeding is heavier than a period but so far not too bad.  Changing pad every 1.5-2 hours.  Feeling really tired and headachy not sure if it's cos of the bleeding or the stress and worry.