Lletz 4 weeks after

Hi girls 

I have never done a forum before so please bare with me. 

I had lletz done approx 4 weeks ago and had minimal pain afterwards , I had the normal discharge stuff up to about 1 week ago. 

This morning I have woken up to a lot of fresh looking blood on my underwear ( had to thro them in bin ) and on the tissue. I have worn a pad today and changed it a few times. Each time it's a lot of fresh blood, I'm unsure to weather this is my period just beginning or if this isn't normal. I am not due my period yet. 

Any info or advise would be greatly appreciated 

Thanks So Much xx 


Sorry to hear you've been a bit worried about this. 

I had something similar to this, except I started bleeding the bright red blood with clots 1 and a half weeks after the procedure. (Still a week earlier than my period was due).

I spoke to my doctor yesterday, as I was concerned it could be an infection, but as I don't have a raised temperature and it's only slightly heavier than a normal period he suggested that the procedure has brought on an early period and I might be passing some of the additional scabbing from the lletz.

I would keep an eye on how you're feeling... It's always worth speaking to your gp or 111 if you've got an unusual/heavy bleeding. And definitely if you start to feel unwell or are in lots of pain.