4 days after lletz

 Hi ladies, sorry to post again.

 It's been 4 days now since my Lletz,   still in a lot of pain and now bleeding heavily! 

 This normal?


Many thanks xxxxx

I would go and see your doctor or give them a call at the clinic. I don’t want to worry you but I didn’t have any discomfort or bleeding following my Lletz and providing you’re not due on your period?! They say to contact them if you’re bleeding heavily.

Hope you start to feel better soon x

Well my periods are very irregular and have no idea when it will happen also having mild cobtraction like pains which are very painful. My last period was 2 weeks ago and lasted 17 days. I went to gp the day of colposcopy as the pain was like I was just about to give birth. Was given codeine which clearly isn't working. I'll pop down to open surgery first thing tomorrow.  Thank you xxx

Also...sorry tmi....It smells really bad despite cleaning...I can smell it through my clothes. Also small clots?  Xx

hi, I don't think I bled either, and it didn't smell bad. just had LOTS of manky discharge for weeks. Everyone is different, but I would contact your clinic to be on the safe side.