Bleeding after LLETZ (newbie)

Hi ladies,

I had LLETZ procedure on 1st March & ended up at my gp's a couple of days ago as the area became infected. I was given antibiotics. After the procedure I had bleeding for a couple of days, but then just watery discharge of varying colours. Last night however I started to bleed again. the bleeding is bright red & about as heavy as my periods, but with no cramping. Should I be worried? My cycles are usually 40+ days long and I'm only on day 21 of this cycle so it seems very early for it to be my period and i haven't had any pms symptoms. Or can you get such a big a change in your cycles following the procedure? 

Any advice appreciated.

thanks in advance x

Hi Mrs S

I think, unless you start going through a pad every 45-60 minutes and unless there is some substantial size clots, it might just be your period. My cycle was usually 35-38 days prior to the procedure and it has shortened to anything between 21-28 days now. No cramping, but bad buttocks and back of leg pain.

However, for the sake of mind, if you are anxious, book an appointment at your GP. Better safe than sorry:)

Tina x x

Thanks for your advice Tina. I decided to give the clinic a call to put my mind at rest. They told me not to worry too much as I'm already taking antibiotics & to just keep an eye on the bleeding. If it gets heavier they want me to go to A&E. I'm beginning to think you might be right & that it could be my period that's really early. I guess time will tell though!

Hi there MrsS,

How are you feeling? Thought about you today, probably TMI but I’ve just come on and I’m in a lot of pain and it’s gushing and it reminded me about the day I got my hemorrhage, as a result of infection after the 2nd LLETZ. Got a letter last Friday saying that my check up has been booked at the colposcopy for mid April and I’m sure it’s psychosomatic but for some reason this time the period feels heavier and I’m in much more pain than usual.

Sorry if I’m ranting a bit but ever since Friday I have been an emotional wreck and just felt like a good old natter. And don’t want to worry my partner or friends as they all would be sending me to A&E again…. Was a very weird one with my infection… Happened exactly 14 days after my 2nd LLETZ, was leaving work to go for some dinner with friends and then to the cinema… The bleeding by this point had stopped and I was walking on a cloud nine…. Got to the restaurant, needed to go to the ladies, stood up and slush… By the time we got to the pictures I was changing a pad every 30 minutes. By the time M was being shot at Bond’s residence it was more like a pad every 5 minutes. I just got my hand bag, texted my friends that I wasn’t feeling great and walked to the A&E… Walked! I must have been in shock. The lovely doctor made me jump the queue, seeing what a mess I was. Got admitted to women’s ward around midnight, they tried to stop the bleeding with silver bits and gauze pack. By 2 am I had bled through the gauze pack and they send me down to the operating theater, luckily I was given my own room. Few stitches later, 4 pints of blood transfusion and loads of morphine, I was back home within 5 days.

I’m sorry again if I’m just ranting but it’s been almost 4 months now and I think the lack of communications from the hospital, the fact I had to go to my GP to get results from both biopsies, I think I’m just scared. Scared of potential that they might have missed something and scarred of the fact that there is a chance this could happen to me again if I need another LLETZ. And I’m a though lass, trust me but losing so much blood in a space of 8 hours leaves you traumatized.

So, as I said before, if you feel that something is not right, go to the docs and please let us know how you’re getting on x

MrsS- hope the bleeding is improving for you, and no trips to A&E are necessary. Mine has become heavier again today (day 12 post lletz, 1 day post antibiotics) but because I have this horrible implant in my arm, I have no idea when my period is due. I am going to the family planning clinic today to have it taken out I hope otherwise I may do it myself as the GP cannot do it till end of April. From what Ive read and what others have said it seems perfectly normal for your period to be disrupted following lletz. Fingers crossed it will improve for you really soon


TinaP- I couldnt read your post and not reply. How awful an experience you had- no wonder you are traumatised. Cant believe you walked to A&E!! Shock does do funny things to you, but Im glad they were quick to act and get you back on your feet. I dont think it matters how tough you are- just having abnormal results is enough to throw you into a panic. Add to that all the events you went through its hardly surprising youve been emotional. The lack of communication from hospitals and the waiting for results etc is something I seriously think needs to be addressed in the NHS. It is so damaging to women who are vunerable and scared. Thank goodness for this Forum though- all you girls are wonderful source of comfort. Keep us up to date, and feel free to rant away anytime!! xx

Tinap - I'm not surprised you feel traumatised Hun. What an awful experience! I'm so glad they managed to sort it out in the end. Cannot believe you walked to A&E. What a brave lady!! It's no wonder that you are feeling an emotional wreck. I've been very surprised how much this whole experience has left me feeling drained. If you ever need to rant, feel free.

Lulu83- sorry to hear your bleeding has become heavier again! When I called the clinic they said that bleeding for a day or so can be common when the scab comes off of the wound. But if you have any concerns about bleeding don't hesitate to go to the gp or give the colposcopy clinic a call, the nurses there gave me great advice! I know how it feels to not know when your cycle should be. I came of the pill over a year ago & my cycles had just about become regular. Now all this has happened to throw them out of whack again!! Never had a 21 day cycle before, but it looks like this has caused one!

My own bleeding issue seems to be claiming down which in turn is causing its own worries!  Just after my last post I began to get some of my usual pms symptoms & generally the bleeding has slowed done. But (tmi!) I bleed a lot whenever I go to the loo, it almost gushes out of me, but I get very little at other times of the day. I know it's probably too early to tell as my wound might not be healed, but I can't help worrying about stenosis? It's probably just because I'm a complete worry wart at the moment though! wish these results would hurry up!! 

Thanks Ladies,

It is nice to have a good old rant sometimes. Feeling a bit better today, probably cause I went for a half an hour bike ride and than a little jog after work yesterday. What a difference a bit of fresh air makes:)

With regards to waiting for the results… A cheeky suggestion. I went to my GP before I got mine. Just to get some acne prescription, nothing sinister… But since he is a lovely and carrying man, he asked how I was getting on in my, as he put it ‘Scary precancerous cells adventures’. I’d explained my anxiousness and he logged onto the database and the results were there. To be honest the report was dated for 6 DAYS after the LLETZ and it took me 25 days to receive the official report. Just not the same language as the letter you get from colposcopy as this was a pathology report. But, as I said my GP is lovely (if it wasn’t for the fact that he’s probably 40 years older than me I could get a bit of a crush, ha!) and he translated it all to me from ‘The Doctors Language to English’. So, if you are getting anxious, go and see the GP.

Love Tina xx