Lletz procedure

Hi, I had the Lletz procedure on the 10th January and everything went ok. The following week I started bleeding and didnt think anything of as they said I may have some bleeding but is it normal to still be bleeding nearly 2 weeks later. Some days I have nothing and then others it can be heavy. Any advice would be great.


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Hi Sam.

I had Lletz in Dec 12, I bled for about 3 weeks after mine, started like a period, turned brown, then black!! But I was reassured by the Gyne dept nurse (who gave me her number and said to call if i had any worries!) that even all that was normal.  It did stop after nearly 4 weeks, then I had my periods as normal after that.


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Ari x

Hello. I have not had my lletz yet got it in two weeks but on the letter I got at my colposcopy it says 'you can expect either a red blood stained discharge or very dark discharge for upto 6 weeks and that it is part of the normal healing process after treatement'

Hope this helps abit :) x

Hi Sam.

I had my LLETZ on the 15th. I had a tiny bit of bleeding, then nothing for a couple of days, then my period was due (and was perhaps heavier than usual). Since then I've had reasonable bleeding most days, changing from brightish red to very dark brown. It went away for a bit when I was resting/working from home, but flared up when I decided to walk quite far (about 7 miles in a day; I'm a runner and am finding not being allowed to run is driving me a bit crazy). I think the truth is that everybody heals differently and at different paces, and so as long as you don't feel poorly, or bleed really heavily, or have discharge with a really foul smell, it's probably fine. I've rationalised it by thinking that we basically have a wound/cut within us, with no air to help it heal, and we are moving around quite a lot, and so the process is going to take a little while. I've found myself, also, dwelling a bit more on when the results are going to come in, but my hospital told me up to eight weeks and gave me a leaflet that said in glaring capital letters, 'Do not ring before the eight weeks have passed!'

Hope you're all back to normal soon. Thanks again to all the ladies on this site who have helped me hugely.



I didn't get any leaflets or anything after mine, but my consultant said several times that if I was getting any bleeding heavier than a bit of staining outside my period that it could be a sign of an infection and I should get onto antibiotics asap either via GP or out of hours service if necessary. Sometimes bleeding is the only sign of infection and it's better to err on the side of safety. As it turned out I got the really pungent discharge and starting feeling a bit nauseous so I ended up on co-amoxiclav anyway.

Hi Guys


Thank you so much that has put my mind at rest a little. Thankfully i had my results back and everything is fine. So hopefully the bleeding will stop soon as its not too much.  Thank you