Questions I forgot to ask about LLETZ!

Hi Everyone,

Hope you’re all well. I wanted to ask about LLETZ and your experience of the aftermath! Warning - may be too much info for some people!

I know it’s normal to bleed for up to 4 weeks afterwards, and that the bleed will change as you heal. I’ve bled pretty much the same amount every day since the procedure 2 weeks ago, and I was due to get my period the day after - can’t tell whether I’ve had it or not, but I’m not really fussed about that as I know it will normally mess with your cycle a little.

The bleeding is kind of like a heavy-ish period, I’m changing pads every 4-6 hours and I’ll just get a gush now and again. I’ve read some people saying they’re getting clots as the scar tissue heals, I’m starting to get that now as well. Problem is, I haven’t used pads for about 8 years so I have no idea what’s normal for me, I’m just going with the flow (!)

I guess I just wanted to check that other people have had this amount/frequency of bleeding, because I’m considering ringing my GP for advice?

I forgot to ask when I was in hospital about the signs of infection, she mentioned I’d need to get some antibiotics to help heal if I thought I had an infection, but I’m not sure what I’m looking out for. I’m assuming pain/discharge - does anyone know?

Thanks so much for your help! Much love to you all xxx

Hi, I got an infection after lletz. I wasn't sure but I had bleeding and quite uncomfortable pains in the area. I went to the gp expecting them to say it's normal but they asked to examine me (I really didn't want anyone going near me lol) and the doctor said it's an infection and I got given antibiotics.  He said it's very common to get infection as bacteria down there anyway. Any concerns just see your gp to be sure.  I had cone biopsy afterwards that's was done in theatre under GA and had no problems that time x

Hiya, I've had on and off bleeding since my LLETZ two weeks ago, a LOT of pain, I still can't do very much. I get hot flushes too. If it's not better in a few days I'm going to go to the GP myself, but like yourself I really don't want anyone going down there right now, I've had enough of poking and prodding right now, ha. 
As far as I know symptoms of infection are a bad or very strong odour, high temperature and excessive bleeding that is relentless i.e. soaking pads every hour or so. But if you're not sure do go to the GP anyway just in case, better to be safe!!

Sending best thoughts to everyone xx

Thank you both so much for your replies! Really helpful :) I've made an appointment so we'll see! Definitely agree though...really could do without any further examining from any more strangers! Had enough of that to last a lifetime!