Lletz Recover

Hi, I've just had a follow up smear from a Colopscopy last year where they wanted to leave the abnormal cells for a year to see if they have cleared up in their own. If they haven't gone, I'm wondering if I will need a Lletz procedure done. All I'm reading is peoples experiences that involve getting infections & experiencing heavy bleeding for weeks afterwards. I was just wondering if anyone had experienced any less horrific experiences where they had little or no bleeding at all during their recovery? TIA x

Hi! I had my Lletz in September last year. I was quite scared going into it but the nurse and doctor present made it feel like the most normal experience, with many woman going through it on a daily basis - that made me feel a bit more okay about it. They numb your cervix and the bit of adrenaline makes you shake a bit, but its all normal. It wasnt painful at all. I had very little spotting and when i went home I just took a day or two off from work to take some time mentally. Felt exhausted more than anything - which was probably a combination of the stress and the sense of relief when it was all over. A had what was a bit of a light period and slight periid cramping but that was it. Just be sure to not bath or swim or have sex for 6 weeks to avoid any infection.


Hope this helps. And good luck xx

Thank you so much for your response. How long did your bleed last for?x

Hey - cant remember exactly, but it was 3 or 4 days and was very little. Only had to change the pad once a day. 

Hi, I had my LLETZ a week ago today. 

On the day I had it done, I felt a bit drained and had mild stomach cramps but since the next day, no bleeding, no pain, no tiredness. I have felt completely fine since the first day which has really surprised me! It varies so much from person to person but there's bound to be more negative stories than positive as those with negative experiences will often write about it looking for advice/support. Try not to worry! Fingers crossed you don't need one but if you do, it's not that bad at all! :)

One 92, 

Thank you so much for your response. It is all bad stories in here & as I'm aware of people reacting differently to medical treatments I wanted to see if there was any more positive recoveries. Was it your choice to have the Lletz or did they recommend it?x