Swollen abdomen and discomfort months after lletz

Hello, just wondering if anyone can say they’ve had similar. I had a lletz (1/4 of my cervix removed) and two weeks later a burst artery which I was saved from by blood and plasma donors.

The last few months my abdomen (lower) has been quite swollen and sometimes mildly painful/uncomfortable. It’s very hard to touch (under the fatty bit). Thought I’d just put on weight/it was the rich catering from work/have tried lowering bready things. Seems not so as I’m back to ordinary home cooked diet and still so swollen. A woman at work told me it was age, but I don’t see why that would happen suddenly.

I guess I have a worry it’s something bad (test of cure smear in a few weeks). But would that find ovarian or other issues?

But could it just be still healing and swollen?

Or could, while I was very unwell, my abdominal wall gotten slack from not being used? I was so scared to engage that part of my body for a couple of months after the haemorrhage. I do sit ups and try holding my core tight (new to me) but it doesn’t feel much like anything. I kind of hate rocking the boat tbh as I still get scared I’ll suddenly burst again. Sorry for the ramble. Just trying on some holiday clothes and getting frustrated with the mirror/dreading actual problems.

Due to start nhs ivf (very very long awaited) immediately after test of cure. I don’t even want to go to a gp to allow them to further delay by more years :frowning: