Lower abdominal pain 4 weeks post LLETZ



Just after a bit of advice please. So after having the LLETZ and biopsy 4 weeks ago I’m experiencing some twingy abdominal /pelvic pains on the left side, and also some random pains in the rectum area. Hoping this might just be referred pain from all the nerves in the area.

I would like to get back to exercising now, having had 4 weeks off from the gym trying to avoid anything strenuous , which I’ve found difficult because I like strenuous activities Laughing

anyway, after having a 4 mile power walk on Thursday and some gym work yesterday the pain was a bit worse, which I’m not too surprised about, how 4 weeks after LLETZ I was kind of expecting things to be getting back to normal.

has anyone else experienced anything similar? 

Also had some heavy bleeding 2 weeks after and an awful period when it came! who‘d be a woman aye?!!

thank you ladies, much love xxxx