Tender stomach

I had my cone biopsy and lletz 10 days ago. My lower stomach is feeling really tender the last day or so, just wondered if this was normal? Discharge seems ok, losing blood, black bits and discharge and it has a distinct smell to it but wouldn't say it was "offensive". Sorry for tmi. Thankyou x

Did you have lletz and cone biopsy?? I didn't think you could have both?

My discharge notes said cone biopsy and left loop excision of cervical lesion. Which I thought was lletz? Xx

I had my lletz  done on the 29th august. My tummy is quite swollen and tender too. More so in the evening. I get pains like somebody sticking a needle in my ovaries on and off. It's not easy. I'm absolutely wrecked from it. So tired every day. 

Yeah I have quite a swollen belly today and it's so painful and tender low down.. I've been on my feet quite abit today so wondering if that's made it worse just one thing after another with the worrying and not knowing what's normal and what isnt. Hope you feel better soon Babs xx