Feeling after lletz

Hi all,
This may seem a very odd question but thought this may be the place to ask. I had a LLETZ procedure about a week ago and have had abdominal pain since which changes in severity. I now have this horrible dragging feeling (think tampon that needs changing). I’m sure this is probably just swelling/inflammation and the hypochondriac in me is being silly but has anyone else experienced this?

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Hi Emily1

I’m sorry that your feeling this way, please don’t feel like your a hypochondriac, you know your body.
Have you spoken to the nurses at your clinic where you had the procedure done?
I can’t say I’ve experienced what your going through as such but I had real heavy bleeding and abdominal discomfort after my first Lletz after about 5 weeks turns out I had a small infection. If you haven’t spoken to them, try give them a call and voice your concerns hopefully will take a wait off your mind.

Take care lovely.

Wishing you a speedy recovery
Lilo xx

Thank you. I haven’t spoken to them yet but will give them a call today. Feel like I have so many questions and am getting on their nerves a bit!
Sorry to hear about your discomfort but it’s good to hear this isn’t unusual. I’m 10 days in and still feel the same. I also got an infection which fortunately seems to have cleared now with a course of antibiotics.
Unfortunately I still need to wee every 5 minutes…I think this is part of the swelling too so fingers crossed it all sorts itself out soon.
I hope you too are on the mend.
Emily x

Hi @Emily1

Hope you are feeling better than you was. Did you manage to get through to the nurses?
I felt that way too, I was lucky enough to have really lovely nurses that I contacted with my questions, but I do understand where you are coming from.
I had a my Lletz procedures a little while ago now, I’m due to have a hysterectomy soon just waiting on a date now.



I am feeling much better thank you. Managed to get through to nurses although not a lot clearer on what it was. Seems to be easing now though so probably just inflammation.
It’s definitely been a nerve wracking time. How are you feeling about yours? I hope all goes well and you have a speedy recovery.

Thinking of you,