Feeling unwell after LLETZ

Hi there everyone

I went for LLETZ treatment 2 days ago after high grade cell changes, the procedure itself was fine and was no where near as bad as I thought it would be, the staff were amazing and I let a Male student doctor in (how else will he learn otherwise) and I can remember being a student and keen and be turned away. 

Anyway I keep feeling dizzy at random points of the day worse when I look up had anyone else experienced dizziness? I feel drained and wiped out which I expected and cramps come and go. I've had no bleeding as of yet. Can anyone tell me when they started to experience the bleeding? My understanding is that it would be about a week after the procedure before I would experience this. Did anyone else experience lower abdo swelling? 


Sorry for all the questions this is the first time I have had this procedure (hopefully the last). Good luck to anyone who has to have this done it's not as bad as you may think the local stings ever so slightly bit not as  much as I was expecting. I would urge everyone to get their smear I've never missed mine and had 2 normal and this one abnormal CIN3 in 3 years.

Hi SarahLou89 it does take a while to recover from the LLETZ procedure and your symptoms sound quite normal to me but if you have any worries or doubts it's best to ask your clinical nurse specialist and if you think you may have developed an infection it's best to consult your GP practice. Give yourself lots of rest and tlc!

Hope you feel better soon x

Hi Sarahlou

I had my LLETZ procedure on Thursday and I am experiencing a lot of the same things as you; dizziness, feeling drained and lower abdomen feeling a bit swollen and tender.

it gives me comfort to know that you are experiencing this too. I had tried to tell myself that the procedure is common and that I would be fine the next day but I’m trying to take it easy and be kind to myself. I’m also recovering from the emotional distress too I suppose.

Take care and if I can help with anything, please message me. X


I had my LLETZ 4 days ago and I feel completely drained. I have had slight bleeding (very red, unlike a period) and a lot of discharge. I also had a swollen abdomen for the first 2 days. I wouldn't worry, as from reading other posts on here, these symptoms seem normal :)

I hope you are okay and recover quickly. 

Hi everyone


Its comforting to know that's it's not just me and thank you for your replies and kind words I hope you all recover well and are feeling better soon. I guess the emotional side will take a toll on us all I just hope the next 4 week flies by so I can find out of they got it all and take it from there.


I think I tried to play it down as something minor and get on with things normally but you cant. Hope your all well and if you need anything just drop me a message


Love sarah