LLETZ 8th Dec

I had my LLETZ two days ago and had been feeling as expected, quite sore, tired and nauseous at times. Then today at about 11am it felt like I was hit by a bus suddenly. I’ve since been in bed with no energy to move, light headed, feeling faint and dizzy. Is this normal?

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I had mine 3 days ago and definitely feel the same as you.

To be honest, I completely overdid it the next day as am still not sharing to anyone outside of my partner who is really struggling with it all but completely loving & supportive - my youngest son is in GCSE year & I also have to protect my elderly Mum who is finally living her best life after so many yrs.

I’m just hoping to catch on sleep this weekend (& yet its already 2.24) so that is clearly not going to plan :confounded: I guess I just need a place to express myself with others who are going through the same thing

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Sorry that you’re struggling, at least it’s good to know that what we are feeling is ‘normal’.

I’ve got my parents staying to help (as I run a smallholding so ‘rest’ isn’t really an option without help) but I haven’t really explained the extent of it all and don’t want to worry them further so do understand x

Firstly, thank you for your reply - I truly appreciate it.

Wow, I can only imagine how hard it is to manage a small holding & all the physical stuff that involves.

I guess that by now I hoped that I would feel a bit better - hating the tiredness, constant sanitary pad changes & still trying to make out that I’m fine to everyone :sleepy:

I really didnt expect that the surgery would affect me so much and am still trying to get my head around it and how I feel about my body now (& in the future). :exploding_head:

Hi Amy thanks feeling much better, was due my period, had alot of blood clots at the weekend not sure if it’s to be like normal, but now I’ve noticed my pee is red.
So strange they don’t tell you any of this, I was told to wear a pad for a few days :joy: 3rd week later… I have thought a few times its coming to an end then it continues again
Hope your doing well xx