Emotional after LLETZ

Hi there,

I just had LLETZ treatment last Friday, and I wasn’t expecting it at all. I went there thinking I was just having a colposcopy, but the gynae said my cell changes were quite severe, so she recommended LLETZ. She did say it wasn’t cancer, and reassured me of that, but of course I am so anxious waiting for my results. It feels like an emotional rollercoaster.

I felt tired the first two days, then Mon and Tues I had really heavy bleeding, although my period is due this week so I am wondering if it was that? It’s so hard to tell. Yesterday was a better day, but today there’s some bleeding and cramps again.

I wasn’t even due a smear, I just felt a gut instinct to go get checked. Really hoping they got it all out and I heal soon.

I just wanted to reach out here as I feel quite alone in this and I know so many women are experiencing much worse, but yeah, it’s not nice is it :frowning_face:

Is anyone else having bleeding that stops and starts? It doesn’t feel like an infection, I’m sure it’s just a part of the healing process.

Siobhan x

Hi Siobhan, I’m sorry to hear you’re feeling alone. I appreciate it was a few days ago that you first posted. How are you getting on now?
I keep thinking this seems like a world many of know very little about and suddenly you get thrust into it with all these terms and procedures.
I hope you get your results soon xx